Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nick visits Little Baby's Ice Cream

[By Nick] On our way down to Georgia, I had to check out at least one scoop shop that's been on my radar. The scoop shop of choice was Little Baby's Ice Cream. You know Little Baby's right? Maybe you know them from one of their viral commercials that might be quite disturbing to some. Anyway, we stopped at their World Headquarters in Philadelphia and got a little tour.

Nothing much different from any other shop and they were a little slammed due to having to produce ice cream for a film festival. Still, we were able to try some flavors that weren't on the menu from the deep freezer.

First up was their Oatmeal Raisin flavor. This stuff might have been my favorite ice cream that we tried at the shop. Talenti's Oatmeal Raisin Cookie doesn't hold a candle to this ice cream. So smooth and creamy even straight from the deep freeze. The raisins were plump and juicy which may not sound right but it's just how you'd want raisins to be. There are little bits of cookie throughout which is always nice and add more cinnamon. The base though, oh man. It tastes just like an oatmeal cookie. It's a spot on replica. I was tempted to take the whole pan with me.

Next up was their Peach Granola flavor. This one might be my favorite peach flavor though there technically aren't many peach flavors out there. The flavor contains a lot of cinnamon spiced granola and chunks of fresh peaches. This ice cream almost tastes healthy but in a good way. If you like peaches in the slightest, you need to get a scoop of this.

In a bigger tub was their Chocolate Salt Malt. ‎It tastes exactly like it's named. Imagine a malt ball with a little salty bite to it and that's what you've got here. All that is missing is a mix in to me. It would be nice to have added malt balls to add to the maltiness. Still, this is another winner.

Last one from the back was not a good one. It was their Blackberry Sage and yeah, no. The sage is so weird and I couldn't handle it. This is not for most or I'm just a child with my tastebuds still. Try this one at your own risk.

After our tour of the back, we went to the front and got hooked up with a couple of free sample scoops. After looking over the menu, I went with the Cardamom Caramel‎ and the lady went with the Vegan Chocolate Milano. Once again, she grabbed the better of the two flavors. Yes, the vegan option was better than the dairy version. In its defense, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The cardamom mixed with the caramel turned it into a licorice flavor. Let's just say, licorice isn't my favorite thing.

Hers on the otherhand tasted like a rich, fudgy chocolate with a hint of coconut. It was one of the creamiest non-dairy options that I had encountered as well. My girlfriend told me to make sure I put in the review that she highly recommends this flavor to anyone, not just those looking for something non-dairy.

All and all, Little Baby's is definitely worth the trip. There's a lot going on in the shop but the flavors are definitely hype worth. Especially for those who are more on the adventurous side. Thanks again to Little Baby's for the tour and the samples. I will definitely stop by again when I'm in the area!

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