Sunday, August 16, 2015

7-Eleven GO! Yum Double Cookie Dough Ice Cream

[New for 2015] Now I admit, I really really wanted an ice cream with peanut butter today. I tried going for a walk, but the hot sun just made me more hungry. So, I headed to 7-Eleven, but, well, none of the seven new 7-Select flavors involve peanut butter, and I've already tried the very fun s'mores flavor, so I guess we'll go with....

7-Select GO! Yum Double Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Vanilla bean ice cream with brown sugar and chocolate cookie dough,
both teaming with chocolate flavored chips

Yeah, I can sum this one up real easy.... #FunFactor! Sorry, couldn't resist, but it's true. Yet again we have a flavor jam packed with bits and chips and it's hard not to like it when you first start scooping.

If I want to start nitpicking, and you know I will since that's my (fake) job, I will say that overall the flavor is a little flat. The vanilla bean flavor doesn't scream out, nor does anything else really. As I continue on, I'm not going "wow, what a base" or "whoa, that's sweet". It's a bit of diminishing returns on this one.

The chocolate cookie dough balls are the star here and they leave a nice little lingering brownie flavor on your taste buds. Look, you can even see tiny chocolate chips in them. They are plentiful and help keep the rating on this flavor positive.

However, the "brown sugar dough" is fairly lackluster. There's no sweet or sugary blast from them, in fact, they almost seem like a bit of a flavor vacuum. The more I ate, the more I got frustrated with their existence. You don't even get a nice grit from them. I think I would rather they double up on the chocolate cookie dough and ditch the brown sugar all together.

Ok, in to the freezer. So, plentiful mix-ins are a plus here but the somewhat flat nature is a bit disappointing. I don't think you'd be disappointed by a one time purchase here, but at $3.99 a pint, I don't see this being a go-to flavor.

On Second Scoop: Ok, I just ate the second half of the pint and honestly, I have no regrets. It's a fun ice cream with chunks and chips in every bite. I still think the brown sugar bits need work, but when you're hungry and staring out the window some sunny afternoon, yeah, this will do. Not perfect, but it's a heavy enough ice cream that I should be happy for awhile.

Verdict?  a bit flat
Buy Again?  maybe

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