Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Turkey Hill Vanilla Fudge All Natural Ice Cream

[New for 2015] It's been a bit since we've had any Turkey Hill in the freezer, and while I hope that someday their all natural line includes a cookies & cream or cookie dough option, let's try...

Turkey Hill Vanilla Fudge All Natural Ice Cream
vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl

Well that's boring...

(and this is only the beginning of it)

Ok, the first scoop went in to a breakfast sundae, so I'll make two quick observations from what I sampled before it was covered in toppings. One, it's that familiar TH all natural texture of course. Two, not sure how big a fan of the swirl I am. I've never loved this flavor of swirl (I was always more interested in Cookies and Cream or Chocolate Chip as a kid), but I will give them points for swirl distribution. It's not some big thick swirl that you stumble upon occasionally, no no, there are tons of swirls and it's omnipresent. For those who love this Hershey's syrup like swirl, you'll be stoked.

On Second Scoop: Alright, had me a little afternoon snack which will lead to two more comments. One, as a Nesquik kind of guy, the secret for me is to just swirl everything together and make it a little more mellow. Two, my daughter prefers Hersheys syrup and she's a fan of this flavor (and since it's all natural, no worries about her plowing through the container). So, if lots of swirl flavor is your thing, give this a shot.

Verdict?  plenty o' swirl
Buy Again?  if requested


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this review Dubba! I am a huge fan of any brand's fudge swirl but know it's not the most popular or interesting ice cream to most. I haven't bought TH in a very long time but might give this one a try. I like the simple ingredient list.

Dubba Scoops said...

Yeah, if you love fudge swirl, this one will definitely work for you, and you cant go wrong with their all natural line up.

Anne Sutton said...

I am a big fan of fudge swirl ice creams. However, I have noticed they fall into two categories: ones that have a muted swirl that is more like chocolate ice cream and ones that have a gooey, syrupy swirl. I definitely like the gooey version best! I like the Friendly's version a lot. Yet I think this natural line is really good. I scored two free containers from Junk Food Guy a few months ago. Both were impressive and well-liked in my house.

Anonymous said...

@Anne Sutton,

I'm also a fan of the gooey swirl so thank you for the tip on Friendly's. Haven't tried that one yet!