Monday, June 29, 2015

The Dunkin Donuts Chips Ahoy Coolatta
  and The Nosh Show Episode 58

Hello Nosh Show Listeners! As the guy who almost puked up the Oreo Coolatta when it first came out, I was a little afraid of this new Chips Ahoy Coolatta... but still it kept calling to me. Maybe it's the urge to nosh everything new but I'm going to take a risk and try this for everyone.

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Speaking of noshing, on Episode 58 of the Nosh Show we talk Turkey, just kidding, but we do talk spam, pizza with hot dogs in the crust, pretzels and cookies among other things. Oh, be sure to listen all the way through to the end of the show... and now back to the coolatta!

It looks cool enough right? I mean, I expected it to be a bit more brown like a real chips ahoy cookies, but they put in a decent sized scoop of those Chips Ahoy Crumbs that they've been using on the new donuts. [I had wanted to pick up another of their chips ahoy creme filled donuts which definitely rock a fun factor, but this particular Dunkin Donuts was out of them.]

Anyway, so I'm half way through this small coolatta and I'm already thinking I don't want to drink anymore. It's very reminiscent of the Oreo coolatta in terms of sweetness and that funky creamy flavor that went with it.

Basically it tastes like softserve meets crushed ice meets a hint of chips ahoy flavor. I saw a bit tub of caramel swirl so I thought this coolatta might lean more that way, but no, it's cream flavor first and just a bit of cookie flavor on the side. It made sense in the Oreo flavor, but not here.

Yeah, I'm just staring at it now. I never really wanted all of it anyway. Originally the plan was to try this yesterday with my family, but a little smart fortwo doing 15 in a 30 made me realize I wasn't that bent on trying it.

I'm still tempted to drink it, partially because I hate to waste, but I take a few more sips and it starts making me feel not so good. Ok, I'm calling it. Don't buy this. Seriously. Save your money.

Verdict?  Ewwww
Buy Again?  Not a chance

P.S. Oh, if you want, try the mango passionfruit coolatta instead. It's much better. It's very sweet, but in a nice, pleasant, fruity way. It's not too much mango or passionfruit flavor, just a fun summer drink. If you are bent on picking up a new coolatta, go mango passionfruit!

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