Thursday, June 11, 2015

NiИ#4: The New Milkmade Ice Cream Tasting Room

[Nick in New York City #4] As I mentioned in my last NYC post, Milkmade had recently opened up their first scoop shop. I was able to make it down to Brooklyn last Saturday and check out her new space. I have to say, I was beyond blown away when I saw her shop.

Less than 3 months ago I was down here in this same spot when Diana told me she was opening up a scoop shop here. I looked around and had trouble envisioning a shop in this space but Diana transformed this into such a beautiful spot. Really, it's the perfect set up for a tasting room. It was amazing seeing that transformation.

Milkmade offers 8 flavors (7 while I was there) and has an adorable menu. I mean, the baby size is called a "Little Guy". That's the greatest thing I've ever seen on a menu. Seeing as she offers tasting flights with custom mini cones from The Konery, I decided to order that but make it a little more custom choosing the five flavors I wanted. Since I've already had the Red Velvet Cake and wanted nothing to do with the Macaroon (coconut flakes still aren't my thing), I decided to get the remaining five flavors.

I'll go from Right to Left because I can.

Fingerlakes PBnJ Ice Cream

This is one of Diana's first flavors and by far the best thing I ate that day. The ice cream really tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I'm not even sure how that's possible without any sort of chunks to simulate the bread but she just works her magic. Really though, there's like a sweet white bread flavor going on in the base and I can't explain it at all. I could've ate the entire container they had in the display of this baby. Fun fact: She sorces her peanut butter from my neck of the woods in Saratoga Springs from aply name: Saratoga Peanut Butter Co.

Black Sesame Ice Cream

This flavor was one I thought I wouldn't enjoy. Black sesame and ice cream just sounds so weird but it works. Honestly, I can't even describe the flavor. It tastes like a sweet sesame with caramel which it essentially is. The mouthfeel is what got me. It made me think I was eating a coffee ice cream with the grounds mixed in or something. It's really weird but really good. I have no problem recommending this to anyone even to Dubba.

Chinatown Chocolate Ice Cream

This one was kind of weird but good at the same time. It's basically a chocolate ice cream mixed with asian spices. All and all, it tasted like a chocolate covered gingerbread cookie. Chocolate and ginger isn't my favorite combo but it's way better than most of the other flavors I've had with such a strong ginger component. I doubt I'd order this again but I could see it appeal to others.

Tim Tam Slam Ice Cream

This was one of Diana's flavors for her pint club in May. It's her Kentucky Derby flavor combining tim tams with a mint juliep to make her own beast. Well, I wasn't a fan. I love tim tams and all but like most of these artisan companies, the mint is far too fresh for me. My taste buds just aren't mature enough for it, I guess. Like the chocolate, I can definitely see this appealing to other though. Like fresh mint? This is for you.

Grady's Manhattan Ice Cream

Last up is her coffee flavor that's spiked with some alcohol that I can't remember the name of. I'm guessing it's part of a Manhattan cocktail but I know nothing about that. However, it tastes like a slightly roasted coffee with some milkiness to it. I didn't get any alcohol vibes but this is a respectable coffee ice cream. There's actually some grounds in the mix here which is why I was confused with the black sesame's mouthfeel. This one works best in a french vanilla cone because when combined, this flavor would top black sesame. It tastes like an iced French vanilla coffee. Yes I went that obvious with my description. Get some if you're craving coffee. That or get yourself a cup of Grady's coldbrew they have on tap in the scoop shop. That's right, they have kegs of coldbrew coffee on tap at Milkmade. #genius

current hours as of  June 6, 2015

I'm just so happy to see everything that Diana has done with this company. After following her for so long, it's great to see her succeeding and her company growing with her. I can see Milkmade becoming one of the big dogs in the NYC ice cream scene soon enough. Thanks again to Diana and her wonderful staff for having me in and treating me so well. I can't wait to visit again!

Please Note: Thanks to Milkemade for providing Nick with these free samples.

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