Tuesday, June 23, 2015

ICEE SLUSH : Cherry Frost & Orange Reviews

Well, well, well, what do we have here sitting by the self checkout lane? Are those ICEE pouches? Well, they must be new right? Let me just check the date....  copyright 2012? Really? How have I missed these until now?
Cherry Frost ICEE Slush (8 fl oz)

ummm, just freeze, squeeze and drink? Really, how exactly am I suppose to do that when this thing is rock solid....
[put Jeopardy theme on repeat for awhile]

It's been about 15 minutes it's been out of the freezer and things are breaking up a bit. The directions should have said rest on counter for several minutes, squeeze, rest a few minutes, squeeze, repeat a few more times and then MAYBE drink.... but I pick. Oh well. Should I try it? Sure, why not.

hey, it's clear! no food dye in this flavor!
(still lots of other chemicals mind you, but no food dye)

I let my son take the first swig.... oh, he just made the bleck face. Just give me one second.... oh, wow, yeah, that's got some bite to it. Let's try this again.

Swigging from the container, hmmm, the texture is fairly fun, but man is it over-flavored. It does not need to have this much bite to it. Let's press on.

Ow Ow Ow, brain freeze, brain freeze. Too much sampling. It's basically a black cherry italian ice that's been run through a blender. Definitely glad this was only a dollar because it's certainly not worth more than that.

Yes, there is some fun factor, but I'm going to need to find it in a different flavor. I'm thinking orange might work better.

Ok, trying to finish this up...   yeah, there is definitely a chemically finish to these. Nothing horrible, but nothing inspiring either.

FYI: do not eat it when it's mostly melted... >shudder<

On Second Scoop: Since these are only a dollar (and since my son asked if he could pick me out another flavor), and since my throat hurts, let's dive in to the orange one..... mmmmm, chemicals. Yeah, I ain't buying these again. These is some serious weirdness going on here. It tastes like some kind of artificial orange rind flavor. I was hoping it would be better but it's just worse. Ugggg. Not even worth a dollar. (note, this one is actually orange colored... not that it helps anything)

Verdict?  chemicals!
Buy Again?  not a chance

*note: this is the back of the orange flavored pouch


  1. My initial reaction to this review is that the chemicals taste is probably from the sucralose, even though it's the last ingredient on the label. If you've ever picked up a bag of Splenda, you know it's extremely light compared to sugar, so it doesn't take much to really amp up the sweetness, but also add that vaguely chemical taste.

  2. UGH! That is too bad. I noticed it states "red 40" but no color in there. They should had used natural flavors to give it better flavor. I was expecting to taste like from the machine.

  3. @Josh: it wasnt just sucralose, it was everything, do not buy

    @Alek: my bad, I added a label noting that's the back of the orange pouch (which was colored orange and not clear like the "frost" flavor)

  4. Slush Puppy makes a version of this too, thought the Cherry was tasty.

  5. Why does sucralose have to be in practically everything now anyway? Companies sneak it in without even marking packages diet or lower sugar. Besides the dry mouth and terrible aftertaste, I just don't want artificial sweeteners. Hawaiian Punch is now ruined for me forever because of this vile stuff

  6. @Squires: i think cherry frost is a bit different from cherry, so that might help

    @Darrell: I DESPISE sucralose

    1. Yea shopping trips take two or three times as long now because I have to spend so much time reading labels! I really wish sucralose would DIE

  7. I was about to really wish you hadn't shown me this! Lol. But sucralose is a no-go for me. Yucky. Thanks for the warning!


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