Friday, June 12, 2015

Graeters Black Raspberry Gelato

[New for 2015] Ahhhh, black raspberry, you'll always hold a special place in my heart. I think the reason is that when I was a kid, strawberry was readily available via Neapolitan but black raspberry had to be scooped fresh from a local Friendlys. Ahhhh, good times. Now I enjoyed Graeters Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip ice cream long ago but there was part of me that wanted just the base, no chips. Well, my wish has finally come true!

Graeters Black Raspberry Gelato

Nice deep purple color. (no smell, but didn't expect any)

I take a few bites and the flavor is right where I want it to be. Sweet, but not too sweet, A bit creamy/milky but not too much, fun flavor, not woodsy flavor. Now I just need to let this one temper a bit to get a true taste of the texture.

I'm sampling as I'm scooping myself a bowl and if I stop and think about it, there's kind of an air of sorbet to this base-only flavor. I'm use to this flavor in the medium density setting of a main stream ice cream, not in a high end ice cream/gelato, so the lines are kind of blurry for me. There's just not that underlying melty/milky note always hanging around.

Ok, bowl has been properly devoured. I still want to say there is just a smidge of bite to this one. I hate to say it that way for fear of the wrong impression, but there's just this little bit of familiarity to say Talenti's potent roman raspberry sorbet. There's just that little something to remind you of the quality and care that went in to this one.

Not to put my foot in my mouth, but now that I have this plain raspberry base, I don't know if part of me misses the giant chocolate chips to balance things out  :)

On Second Scoop: When I say this reminds me of sherbet, that isn't an insult, it's a compliment. There's just a light, vibrant undertone to this one. Nothing stunning, you won't be bowled over by it, but there is just something familiar and lively about it. I wound up keeping my serving sizes small and every time I went back to the pint, I liked this one more and more.

Verdict?  Nice
Buy Again?  Sure


Unknown said...

Jeni's just recalled their ice cream again due to possible listeria scare.

Dubba Scoops said...

yeah, saw that either, that's gonna hurt customer loyalty

Anonymous said...

This looks very good!

Between the listeria issues and the price points, I think Jeni's will have a very hard time coming back from this.

Technosquid said...

Looks like a melted grimace

Unknown said...

Raspberrry! The extra r is for "really purrple." That extra r is a typo.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Josh: ugggg.... stupid inconsistant spellchecker