Monday, April 6, 2015

A Kit Kat Sandwich and The Nosh Show Episode 52

Good Morning Nosh Show listeners! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Anyone score any peeps flavored ice cream or gelato yesterday? No, well, ok, then let's see if we can't make some of our own craziness. See, on Episode 52 of the Nosh Show, we talk about a Japanese fast food joint offering a kit kat sandwich. Since I don't plan on jumping on an airplane anytime soon, my co-hosts challenged me to make my own. Well, here it is.....

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Now Marvo specifically asked for wonder bread, kit kat, and redi-whip, but I have Matthew's all natural white bread, kit-kats, and Garelick Farms whipped dairy topping. Close enough I say! [note, they use a special kit kat in Japan as well as a sweeter looking bread].

How was it? Well, I've had a lot worse. I do love Kit Kats ofcourse, and the overall combo isn't bad, but I don't think it's as good as the fast food version. If the whip cream was denser and the bread was sweeter, we might be on to something, but as is, it's just kind of a fun, one off project.

Alright, enjoy the show, and have a good week!


The Toy Box said...

A Kit Kat sandwich would be killer between two slices of pound cake.

Dubba Scoops said...

oooo, nice, good call. denser, sweeter bread(like substance) would have worked better.

Anonymous said...

@Dubba I watched the YouTube video on the KitKit sandwich and agree that a melted candy bar would enhance the taste.

Also, King's Hawaiian might make it taste better. As a variation, softened Philly Cheesecake flavored Cream cheese in place of the whipped would really make this work.