Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cold Stone Creamery Fudge Truffle Decadence
Ice Cream Cake Quick Review

I'll admit it, I'm not very good at reviewing Cold Stone Cakes. Sure they are always tasty, but they're usually so dark and hard to photograph.... and I kind of get impatient and wind up just inhaling the thing. Oh well, I tried. Here's what I got.

Cold Stone Creamery Fudge Truffle Decadence Ice Cream Cake
layers of moist red velvet cake, sweet cream ice cream with chocolate shavings
and fudge truffle ice cream with chocolate shavings wrapped in rich fudge ganache

Yup, it was heart shaped for valentine's day. It's a fine cake, no compliants (as always). The rich fudge covering it is awesome (as always). The two ice creams inside are rich and dense, though maybe a little lost overall. You see that we have sweet cream mellowing out the chocolate ice cream, and then both are overridden by the fudge (not a compliant, just an observation). Lastly is the cake which I am always too impatient to let sit long enough. A lot of the times the last bites are the best because the cake has finally reached the proper temperature (and texture).

That's it. As always, we split this little treat three ways and away it went. These cakes never disappoint (especially the ganache) and it's a nice once in a while treat. Oh, and don't forget that the little red cold stone logo on top is actually candy!


Unknown said...

We got this cake for mom and MIL birthday. Surprisingly it was tasteless. Very disappointed, especially since everything from Cold Stone is good. Nobody even wanted any to take home and two of us took two bites and tossed it.

Dubba Scoops said...

That's a shame, it didnt have a date on it, did it? Sounds like you got an old one (or that location is terrible at cakes). They are expensive, should have taken it back (if it was feasible to do so).