Monday, March 16, 2015

Breyers Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream

[New for early 2015] Of all the possible predictions I could have made for this year, a new flavor of Breyers -ice_cream- was not one of them. Sure, stranger things have happened, but it seems like forever since we've gotten a normal new ice cream from them. They're usually way too busy destroying a century old reputation to take the time to give people what they want. Sorry, I'm being flustered, let's get to the review.

Breyers Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream
dark chocolate ice cream with dark chocolatey truffles
(yes, it says "new" and "ice cream" on the same package)

It's not really impressive, but I do see a few chocolate truffles trying to poke through.

Whoa, it's scooping really easily to grab this picture (notice the huge air gaps in my scoop pattern), but I take a bite and it's not bad, it's not bad at all. Sure it's soft, but it's not overly gummy or fake feeling. It's not Breyers of old but it's not frozen dairy dessert either.

The flavor is just fine. It's definitely not a straight milk chocolate, but it's not super dry or bitter either. It's just a nice compliment to the truffles of which there are plenty.

I continue on and I just can't find anything to complain about. I was worried the truffles would be weird like they are in the new breyers gelato, but they seem fine here. They taste on the dark side but still pleasant. I like them, plain and simple. It was pretty funny when I took one spoonful and I wound up with four truffles on it.

Congrats Breyers. Congrats on making a normal everyday product, but I have to ask, was that so hard? Did the world implode when you gave the consumers what they've been clamoring for? I think not.

On Second Scoop: Just two points to clarify. One, this is Breyers ice cream, but not Breyers of old. If anything, the base reminds me of their long forgotten smooth & dreamy dark chocolate ice cream. It's the plentiful truffles that make this one work. If you're tempted by this one, go for it.

Verdict?  A fairly normal product
Buy Again?  sure


  1. It's about time they start making ice cream instead of "frozen dairy dessert" again! Hopefully, they'll keep it up– I miss the old Breyers :)

  2. Will there be other new ice cream flavors for Breyer's or is this the only true ice cream product from them this year? Are they getting rid of all of their frozen dairy desserts?

  3. Breyers? "Ice Cream???" Well, I'll be damned.

  4. We figured everyone would be shocked. This is the only ice cream that we know of at the moment. [that makes 4 new gelatos, 1 blast, 1 ice cream that we've seen so far]


    The chocolate is leaving a horrible after taste at the tip of my tongue, and the only redeeming quality is the truffle itself. If I wanted truffles, I'd have bought truffles!

    Not good at all. Don't buy. You'll thank me later.

    (Good god the after taste is still lingering as I paused to type this! DISGUSTING!)

  6. Replies
    1. My kids & I agree with you!! I can only find it at Walmart, though....

  7. This is a question about the Breyer's regular chocolate but this seemed like the closed place to ask it...

    Has anyone else noticed that the chocolate(one of the few ice creams left in this line-up...and still good!) has gotten more chocolately lately? The past several cartons I have had taste more like the old friendly's forbidden chocolate than the typical chocolate I remember. I am not complainining--I love it! Others have independently commented on the same thing--looks and tastes darker and was wondering if other ice cream lovers on this site have noticed it as well or if anyone happens to know if they changed anything? (in my opinion, for the better!)

  8. either I had covid and didnt know it or this doesnt have any flavor at all. Im thinking I may have lost my taste

  9. get tested? it's breyers but you should have tasted something...


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