Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Edy's Snickerdoodle Frozen Custard

[2015-2016] With four Edy's frozen custard choices before me, I was a little lost on which one to choose... but then, as I reached for the salted caramel pretzel, the orange shield of snickerdoodle jumped in front of me. Ahhh, it's going to be a good night, isn't it?

Edy's / Dreyer's Snickerdoodle Frozen Custard
Vanilla frozen custard with snickerdoodle cookie pieces and cinnamon graham swirls 

Ahhhh, that's a pretty site.... and yeah, it smells good too. Would it be wrong to crush some cheetos sweetos on top of these? Sorry, they kind of smell similar. Have I mentioned recently how much I love cinnamon and sugar?

I take my first two bites and I am excited... but a little scared. There's a little bit of cinnamon fireball kick here. I may just need to settle in to it so hold on as I point out the very crunchy cookie bits. It was funny to hear them crunch as I prepped this second shot. So often we get excited for a crunchy ice cream only to be met with stale mix-ins, but I think we might be ok here. I popped one in my mouth and it has a nice sweetness to go with the crunch. They come in different sizes and I just want to dig them all out first.

Oh, I like the base, it's nice and sweet. Notice in the second shot how you can definitely see a distinct difference between the thick swirls, the mixed-in swirls, and the off-white base. It's hard to knock a good vanilla base.

Ok, more bites of everything. The flavor profile works really well in the dense custard. Oh geez, for cinnamon lovers this one is going to be a hit. I still think I'm getting a little cinnamon fire here, but the plentiful crunchy cookie bits have me thinking of my beloved cinnamon mini buns cereal. I'm trying really hard to slow scoop this one and enjoy it.

It is so hard not to go back for a second bowl right now. That's some good frozen custard. I could do with a minor tweak of the spice, but you really only notice it on the backend, so there's still plenty of room for enjoying this ice cream. It is so going on a waffle for breakfast tomorrow.

On Second Scoop: Yeah, I kept true to my word and had this one for breakfast. It's a good product made even better with a waffle, whip cream, and caramel sauce. I still think they goofed a little with the hint of spice in the flavor profile, but considering how few cinnamon flavors are out there, I'm glad this is on shelves.

Verdict?  Mmmmm, cinnamon
Buy Again?  yup


Danielle said...

Dubba like you I am a cinnamon sucker, so I can't wait to find this!

Anonymous said...

Bought it yesterday...really good. Maybe a bit too much cinnamon but it's a very minor quibble.

Jim said...

I'd happily trade the fireballs (they are too burnt for me and don't taste like cookie pieces) for more of the swirl, which was quite good, though I might have gone with a caramel base instead of solid vanilla. Was hoping this would be a better version of Cinnamon Bun Fun but didn't quite meet high expectations (it's still good, but I'm just not devastated my closest stores don't have it yet); I'd still rather have the Safeway version of Snickerdoodle that my store stopped carrying a while ago.

It is very thick/heavy/rich, with the same 1/2 cup serving size being roughly 50% more heavy than the Grand version of Cinnamon Bun Fun (97g to 65g), so the container was heavier than I was expecting.

Jim said...

Closest stores got it, so I tried it again (twice), hoping to improve on lot of cookie pieces (I don't enjoy the burning flavor, so I would say "too much") and a little bit of swirl ("not nearly enough," because I enjoyed it so much).

1st one was awesome: a ton of swirl and few burnt cookie pieces. Absolutely perfect.

2nd one (which I bought at the same time) was low on burnt cookie pieces but also low on swirl. Good, but just good.

So, based on my experience, it really depends on the batch (this is probably the highest variance I've tasted with any flavor/brand of ice cream).