Sunday, February 1, 2015

Breyers Mint Chocolate Gelato Indulgences

[2015-2016] Now I know Breyers did a good job hyping up their new gelato last year. Between their parenthood / "date night" marketing scheme, they did a decent job of pretending their gelato is a high end treat... wait, no no, sorry, I'm starting this review the wrong way. Look, they have a neat looking product and I didn't expect them to abandon it this year. It's no surprise that they've got at least two more flavors coming this year including....

Breyers Mint Chocolate Gelato Indulgences
Mint Gelato with a rich fudge swirl & gourmet chocolate curls

It's pretty, but like the others, the curls are mostly flavorless.

I can sum this one up real easy: Nick will hate it. He hates that buttermint vibe and the almost rubbery texture of breyers gelato amplifies it in a way that he would not appreciate.

I will admit, the fudge swirl is a nice touch and probably the highlight here. In fact, it's good enough that if you can ignore the gelato texture, I can see some people liking this product.... maybe. Well, we already know some people like it (many of whom have never tried Talenti or Gelato Fiasco), but this minty flavor is a common sense addition to their current line up.

The weird thing is some bites feel like you're eating mini marshmallows.

Ok, I'm flip flopping back and forth as I eat this one..... I am still eating it, despite the lack of words coming to me right now. Ok, how's this? it's nothing I would buy again. I just still really don't like their gelato texture. It's Italian frozen dairy dessert and nothing I would purposely seek out.

Time to check in with my daughter: she says the mint isn't bad, but says the fudge swirl tastes weird... so I take a few bites and I get what she's driving at. She wanted fudge swirl, but this is more... gee, maybe more cocoa-y then that? And the texutre is a bit rubbery as well. She usually likes these minty flavors but pretty sure I'll be buying something more traditional next time I want mint.

On Second Scoop:  I had a bit more and while this isn't terrible, I don't know why you would pick it over the dozens of other minty choices out there that have better texture and a cleaner flavor. There's not even really that minty tingle you get with better flavors. This one is just kind of mute and gummy. [I asked my daughter if she wanted to join me for the second scooping.... she responded by asking what else we have in the freezer]

Verdict?  mild, rubbery
Buy Again?  nope


Anonymous said...

I was suckered into trying these last year when they first came out because they looked so pretty.

This one doesn't look like much of an improvement.

Wonder if this line actually sells well?

Anonymous said...

Missing Blue Bell, I tried a gelato last week. Not sure of the brand, but I did like the creamy texture and chocolate taste. SO when i found this Mint Chocolate by Breyers, I decided to try it. MISTAKE ! The creamy texture was there, but the chocolate and chocolate pieces were either bitter or just not sweet enough. And the "mint" flavor was awful! Sort of Pepperminty in a very , very mild way, but it had a very distinct " back bite" flavor that really tasted medicinal. A big YUCK! Unfortunately this came in a fairly large container ( maybe 2 pints?) and I will be throwing the rest away. It was difficult just finishing the bowl. A real waste of Five Dollars! Hope their other flavors are better!

Anonymous said...

Worst gelato ever.

Anonymous said...

Just like Breyers Ice Cream, this has way too much air in it. Not the dense, rich texture I expect from gelato. Talenti is much better. In fact, this is the worst gelato I've ever had.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love love love the mint, it's my favorite of them all. The tiramisu is my next fav. I let them melt slightly and it's a creamy treat. Not fond.of the chip on top they do taste a bit waxy.

Anonymous said...

My Favorite is the mint Gelato. The best of all of them. I love it when I bring it home from the store, and it is a little soft. I cheat and eat a little around the edges where it is melting a little. Yum. Please tell me why I can't find it in Safeway anymore?? I will buy the chocolate, but I don't like the bits on the top. The other flavors are much to sweet. The gelatos nice because it is creamy and rich, but it is ruined because it is to sweet. I would buy them if they were not so sickly sweet. Could gelato be made using Stevia as a sweetner? It would be great as a diet brand Please bring back my mint gelato. Summer is coming and it is so refreshing when its hot.