Sunday, December 14, 2014

Turkey Hill Chocolate Malt Chip Ice Cream

[New for 2014] Well, I think I've officially lost my limited edition Turkey Hill flavor contest with Nick, but that doesnt mean I cant make a decent showing by bringing the score to 5 vs 7. That's right, I've got my hands on their elusive malt flavor... and by elusive I mean every malt flavor made by anyone seems to get cancelled sooner or later.

Turkey Hill Chocolate Malt Chip Ice Cream
Chocolate malt ice cream swirled with choco malt chips

Well, that's unexpected. I thought the malt balls might be small, but that's just silly! Now I am a little afraid, but I'm more excited because I'm having thoughts of their getrude hawk flavor.

But then as I take my first scoop, I start thinking "hey, they're arent any malt balls in here!"

I take my first bite... and then I take several more because I'm not sure how I feel about these malt chips. Overall, I think I like them. It's like they diced up bunch o' crunch and blended it in to the malty ice cream. And I think I like the easy melting malty base because it reminds me of a milkshake. But the overall product, I'm still debating....

Ahhh, why am I debating this? It should be a slam dunk really. A different kind of base, a unique mix-in, should be an easy thumbs up but something isn't clicking for me. Man I want some chocolate covered pretzels right now. Alright, the second scoop is the way to go before I make my final decision.

On Second Scoop: Funny, I could have sworn I wrote down my thoughts during my second scooping.. oh well, technically this is my third scooping . I just don't know what to make of these chips, I don't know if they are a let down or if I'm just too hung up on the fact that they aren't mini malted milk balls here. Actually, you know what, I just came up with a conclusion. I'm sitting here thinking about buying another container just so I can debate it some more... so technically I think that qualifies as an endorsement.

Verdict?  unexpected
Buy Again?  probably


Danielle said...

Dubba I totally get what you are saying bc this is a weird flavor for me. Every year I buy it forgetting how weird I felt about it. The combination of the chocolate and the malt candies almost give me a dog biscuit vibe. I'm sure Il buy it again next year and wonder what I was thinking

Anonymous said...

You nailed it! I keep eating it trying to figure out if I like it or not. I love the soft base and agree it's like a milkshake. I think the malted milk balls should be bigger. Husband wants to buy a box of Whoppers and do a mix it with them. :)
Overall - I would probably buy again now that I know what to expect.
- Kecia

Anonymous said...

A better idea would be adding mini malt balls in there. Maybe the malt balls could get soggy if they were chopped up.

Unknown said...

Please bring Choc Malt Chip back.