Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hood Berry Chocolate Crumble Low Fat Frozen Yogurt

[New for 2014] It's no secret that both me and Nick are huge fans of Cookies & Cream. It's just so classic and perfect and we both love trying new versions. The problem is that despite a few exceptions, there's no creativity in this space. How hard is it to add cookies to pretty much any base flavor and not get a winner out of it? Now this next flavor isn't a straight C&C flavor, but how can I say to to a berry base with a cookie swirl? I can't, plain and simple.

Hood Berry Chocolate Crumble Low Fat Frozen Yogurt
blackberry lowfat frozen yogurt swirled with chocolate cookie crunch

Well, first gaze and I am not disappointed at all. I scrape the lid and I am encouraged further. Here's hoping for a nice generic berry flavor with a cookie vibe. Let's scoop a bowl!

I dig in and while you won't forget that this is froyo (or just an entry level brand), I'm still happy with the creativity. No, it's not perfect, I'd love for there to be a bit of cookie flavoring in the base and not just the swirl, but it still encourages me to think that other companies might follow suit. I know, it's wishful thinking, but I mean, come on, this is a random froyo rocking a cookie swirl! How is that not a major fun factor?

The blackberry flavor is ok, it's leaning towards black raspberry more than anything else. It does strike me as a bit artificial, though that could be the swirl or just the fact it's a low fat froyo impacting that. At least there's no tartness or bite from the berry flavor or the froyo.

It's not crazy exciting so much so that I'm blowing through my first serving, but I'm curious to see how the followup scoopings go....

On Second Scoop: The swirl is everywhere, sometimes in giant graeter's-like chunks, but something isn't right. There's a funk or aftertaste or something that is annoying me more and more. I've had this four times now and it just agitates me. Maybe it's just the low fat froyo base enhanced with food science magic, but I eat less and less on every serving and at this point I'm tempted to toss the container. That's how frustrated I've become, I don't even want to bother opening the container again.

Verdict?  got more annoying on each scooping
Buy Again?  nope

Mrs. Dubba would like to add the disclaimer that she didn't mind this one and had no trouble finishing off the last chunk of the container for me.

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