Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gelato Fiasco Santa's Little Helper Gelato

[By Nick, 2014 only] Before my trip to Maine, The Gelato Fiasco also sent me some free samples of their new flavors to review like they did for Dubba. Seeing as its officially December and it's snowing/sleeting/raining here, I guess it's time to look at their new...

Gelato Fiasco Santa's Little Helper Gelato
Coffee gelato with Allen's Coffee Brandy and creme-filled chocolate cookies

As you know, I have no clue when it comes to alcoholic drinks and this might be the first time I've encounter a product featuring brandy, Allen's Coffee Brandy to be exact. Other than that, this flavor sounds a lot like a coffee cookies and cream and I'm all for more c&c options on the market. Their Cookie Therapy is my current favorite as well (I might of had a few sample of it while I was in Maine to make sure that still held true).

Okay, there's definitely something alcohol-like aroma coming from this pint. I'm probably more sensitive than others but it certainly took me aback. The same goes for the flavor. That brandy is potent and honestly not something I'm fond of. The coffee flavor is very, very tame with this flavor. This is brandy first for sure.

Thankfully they mixed in an ample amount of the cream filled cookies(aka oreo like cookies) They really saved the day for me. The chocolate wafer's bitterness helps to counter the potent alcohol base and makes the coffee quality come out more. They still maintain some of their crunch which is always a plus to me. The cream filling is the saving grace to everything though. The sweetness cuts the brandy even more making each bite involving the filling delicious and unique. You get a strong creaminess with the brandy more in check and the coffee hitting you in the aftertaste.

This is obviously something I'm not the best to write about with my lack of drinking experience. If you like brandy, I say give it a shot. I'm sure you'd like it more than me. If you're not much of a drinker or don't drink like me I'd say skip it. They have plenty of other seasonal flavors that would be more likely to satisfy you.

Verdict?  The brandy is too strong for me but the cookies make it more tolerable
Eat Again?  I'll stick to cookie therapy for a c&c fix from them


Danielle said...

Even though you weren't too fond of the flavor Nick, the name is awesome!

LM Gold said...

Aww!! If you need help with the boozy flavor reviews, I've got a spoon handy at all times ;)