Friday, November 7, 2014

Taco Bell Strawberry Starburst Freeze

[Debuted October 9th, 2014Hey, sorry for the minimal posts this week, I've been fighting off a stupid cold that has done a pretty good job of killing off my energy as well as my appetite, plus I have that lovely raspy cold voice thing going on. I know I should blog about something new, and well, what's better for a lingering cough then a nice frozen beverage.

Taco Bell Strawberry Starburst Freeze

As I'm trying to take a picture of this very pink drink, I get the undeniable aroma of strawberry starburst. Wow, that's just silly... but very amusing.

I take my first swig and BAM! biting starburst overload! I was not expecting that much flavor or that much bite. In fact, I was really regretting buying a large, but I pressed on and settled in (more or less anyway).

I could blindfold someone during a taste test and they would know it's suppose to be strawberry starburst. Food science did a fine job of getting the flavor right.

Now this will sound weird, but the bite almost has a saltiness to it. I know it's my imagination, but hey, I'll throw it out there anyway.

If you dont like artificial things, you probably wont like this. However, if you love starburst, the pink ones in particular, you'll get a kick out of this, even if you only do it once. It's just another one of those fun whacky things that will add a fun compliment to whatever you ordered off the taco bell menu.

Verdict?  it's definitely starburst
Buy Again?  I might if they come out with a cherry flavor!

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