Monday, November 3, 2014

Graeters Dark Chocolate Truffle Gelato

[New for 2014] Ok, we still have one last free sample of Graeters gelato to cover.

Graeters Dark Chocolate Truffle Gelato
Dark chocolate gelato is paired with 
dark chocolate truffles that have dark chocolate cream centers

Nick always pings me for not letting these things temper (I'm spoiled by my ability to eat talenti straight out of the freezer), but I actually scooped some in a bowl and am sitting here patiently waiting for it to melt... well, I'm sneaking a few bites of the softest parts... cause I'm hungry!

 It's definitely not a milk chocolate or any mild chocolate, there is a sense of dark chocolate there if I think about it.... it's more of something you think about after the fact. Like if you want the full dark chocolate effect, you need to wait a minute between bites so the aftertaste can really take effect.

Despite this picture, there were a fair amount of truffles in my bowl. I keep trying to sample the base but keep getting a truffle on my spoon.

left truffle : from above   ---   right truffle : sliced side view

If you want the full effect, you'll need to extract the flavor from them one by one. They're pleasant, not bitter. Having a dark chocolate chunk like this is different. Biting through it isn't your typical (ice cream) truffle sensation. No thudding here.

Texture? Well, like HD, this just doesnt feel as gelato-y as I think it could. It's just so dense.... which reminds me, I suddenly feel very full. Time to stop. Anyway, I'm not going to argue the quality of this product, I will not knock you for liking it, I just think very few people would ever realize this isn't ice cream if you didn't tell them.

Verdict? no major complaints
Buy Again?  iunno

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