Saturday, September 20, 2014

Perry's Maple Cheesecake Ice Cream

[New for Fall 2014] I got an email from Perry's asking if I wanted to try their new fall flavor and ofcourse I said yes. No, it's not pumpkin, Perry's already makes a nice pumpkin ice cream.They say this new flavor is a mix of crisp fall nights, NY style cheesecake, and maple syrup. Sounds... different, pleasantly different, than every other pumpkin spiced product out there. Let's dig in

Perry's Maple Cheesecake Ice Cream
Cheesecake flavored ice cream with Graham Cracker Swirl and Maple Syrup Swirl
(I've always like Perry's black containers, and the leaves are a nice touch)

The opening shot was boring, let's jump to the good stuff.
[Whoa, I smell maple! and lots of it!]

Ok, I'm aiming for the swirl first... hehehe, the swirls are alternating, 
so I'm not sure I can get one without the other. 

Stand by.... excavating a giant chunk of graham swirl. Mmm, fun, definitely a real graham factor here, maybe a little bit of a salty vibe to it instead of a straight sugary vibe, but hey, that's what the maple swirl is for. Salty & Sweet. Well played Perry's.

Wait, before we get to far, I bet you are asking "well, how cheesy is it?" Honestly? I'm not really tasting any cheesecake flavoring. Maybe I've already got maple all over my taste buds and I can't notice it now. I'm digging all over the container and I'm just not picking it up. It's not like I'm getting a vanilla flavor instead, there's something super mild there. If I get some base and graham by themselves, I think maybe I pick up something.

Man I love graham swirls, so I'm still enjoying this one... when do I not like a flavor with a graham swirl? However, in the interest of science, I must ask: Is this what I expected? No, not by a long shot. I think we can all imagine what maple cheesecake should taste like, but without any substantial cheese flavor here, it's, well, I don't know how to end this sentence. I think it's the maple crowd that's going to be grabbing this container anyway, so I'm not worried about them being disappointed. It's got plenty of maple flavor without being overly sweet. I just don't want the cheesecake fans to be let down. A cheesecake flavored base isn't the easiest thing to do in a mainstream ice cream. At least it's not fake or artificial tasting, I mean, how many times have we run in to a unfriendly cheese factor before? The texture is fine, the flavors are fine, it's just not that cheesy.

Whoa, it's several minutes later and I still taste maple :)

On Second Scoop: I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. The bacon was just staring at me at the grocery store. I hate to say it, but it was actually pretty good. Some bites were sweet maple, some were salty bacon, but they complimented each other enough to be fun and enjoyable.

Verdict?  fun swirls. maple fans will definitely be happy
Buy Again?  if the maple urge hit


laura_v said...

Is maple walnut ice cream a "Canada only" flavour? If not, I recommend giving it a try. I normally don't go for maple flavoured products because I find them artificial but it's a great flavor combination.

Dubba Scoops said...

oh yeah, I totally forgot about maple walnut! I remembered Friendly's made a version as soon as you reminded me about it (there aren't many companies still making it though, it's kind of an old fashion flavor)

Anonymous said...

I tried it. It tastes nothing like cheesecake or maple, it reminds me of those bit-o-honey candy.