Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oreo Klondike Bar

The next treat has been on my radar for a very long time for the simple fact that I'm not sure I've ever tried it. So I waited until a good sale hit (2 for $6) and grabbed a pack.

Oreo Cookies & Cream Klondike Bar
Artificially flavored vanilla light ice cream with OREO cookie pieces
coated in milk chocolate flavored coating and OREO cookie pieces

Whoa, do you see it?

That's right, Oreo crumbs in the chocolate shell! Very nice touch.

A take a bite and this is such a strange creature, it's not quite Oreo, but not quite Klondike, at least in terms of taste anyway. I think it's related to the Oreo crumbs in the shell. I wasn't sure if I would fall instantly in love with it (which I didn't), but it's not like I hate it either. It's just... iunno, it's curious how the two flavors come together. Maybe the Oreo would be more dominant if the Klondike wasn't so thin! Plus, there is a strange lingering aftertaste here, a bizarre funky cookies & cream vibe that doesn't seem natural. Yeah, I'm being picky, but hey, I'm a C&C fanatic.

On Second Scoop:  So I had a second bar a few days later, and then this morning I had a third bar and I think I finally have this one figured out. See, I tried eating it real slow to see if the Oreo flavor would come alive. Technically it did, but not in a good way. See, instead of getting a nice Oreo wafer vibe, it's much more of a unpleasant artificial cookie flavoring that kind of reminds me of that nasty C&C milksplash junk I tried. These just aren't good.

Verdict?  Fail
Buy Again?  No chance


Anonymous said...

How do you eat your Klondike bars? I like to separate the shell from the ice cream and the ice cream separately from the shell. I was hoping you would have snapped a photo of the inner filling to reveal if the inside is a true cookies and cream ice cream.

Dubba Scoops said...

whoops! I knew I forgot a picture, I will snap one tonight. It is indeed a C&C filling. For me the shell is (should be) the best part of the klondike so I eat it as a whole to elevate the whole treat.