Friday, June 6, 2014

Richie's Super Premium Italian Ice

I know these aren't new, but I want to mention these 10 ounce cups because they've been popping up all over the place at a buck a pop. [Until now, I've only seen them at outdoor festivals for 2, 3 even 4 bucks a pop].

Ritchie's Super Premium Italian Ice
Strawberry, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry
No fat, no protein, no salt, just sugar sugar sugar

Cherry first, because, well, that's my favorite Italian ice flavor. Hmm, the big container takes awhile to melt. Flavor is fine, texture is fine. It's got a bit of sweet, sugary cherry bite which is nice and it is what it is. My only real thought at the moment is that besides consuming one of these on a super hot day, there's no way I need 10oz of Italian ice. I kind of wish it came with an official lid so I could more easily stick it back in the freezer (I know, saran wrap will work too).

Ok, strawberry next and it's definitely sweeter (and there's less of a bite). There's almost a watermelon flavoring to it. Scooping Scooping... CRACK, right in the side of the container. Uggg, apparently I need to be more careful.... oh and I just made the crack worse. FYI: cracking the container is a possibility, if it happens, just start scooping on the other side. So, overall, nothing wrong here, just a sweet, mild strawberry flavored italian ice... that's cracked. [Good thing I have a paper towel around this thing]. On Second Scoop: It's kind of boring and took me three servings to finish.

Ok, blue raspberry last and it's.... iunno, I don't know what to make of it. It's not disgusting like many blue raspberry flavors, but at the same time, I don't seem to be getting any particular flavor out of it. It's blue flavor. There's something more, more bite or something (compared to the strawberry), but a specific flavor eludes me. I managed to finish this one in one serving as well, but the last 2-3 ounces were completely meaningless. Update: it's morning.... tongue still blue.

And they're all gone. Will I buy anymore? Nahhhh. These aren't particularly bad, it's just that 10 oz is too much. I know I could save them, but what's the point. I don't want to wait for this larger serving to melt enough to eat it. I'd rather have a smaller Lindy's Italian ice or a freeze pop.

Verdict?  not bad, but too big
Buy Again?  nah


NancyJo said...

I LOVE Ritchies Italian Ice!! nice size, huge flavor and now I can't have just regular Italian ice, I NEED to have Ritchies!

sassy britches said...

I LOOOOOOOVE Richies! I pretty much hate all other brands after having Richies in my life! My favorite flavors are cotton candy, lemon, root beer, and blue vanilla. I think I still have yet to try coconut (which I do like, as a flavor), which I think is the only flavor left to try that I might like. I hate cherry, and I don't remember if I liked strawberry much, and while I absolutely love Blue, I don't think I liked THIS Blue as much. All the Stop & Shops sell the brand but most of the stores only stock like, 3-4 flavors on a regular basis. So I just gotta pounce next time I notice one has the big variety delivery just come in so I can eventually say I've tried every flavor.
PS. Oh yeah, so I grew up hating lemon anything except certain lemonades, and this year (I'm 38, for reference) I decided to try the Richies lemon.... oh my god, I loved it! What a revelation - I love lemon!!