Saturday, May 24, 2014

Graeters Vanilla with Milk Chocolate Truffle Gelato

[For 2014 only] So, quick recap, four new gelato flavors from the very old and very well respected ice cream company known as Graeter's (out of Ohio). All four flavors come mixed with truffles. Nick's already posted the hazelnut review and our caramel and dark chocolate reviews will be coming out in the future. [yup, Graeter's was nice enough to send samples to both of us].

Graeters Vanilla with Milk Chocolate Truffle Gelato

Doh, I thought it said vanilla and milk chocolate (gelato) with truffles...
I need to read with eyes, not my belly.

This may be gelato, but it brings back those awesome memories of Graeters vanilla ice cream, you know, the one I compare all other vanilla's too. Mmmm. There's a balanced perfection to the way they do vanilla and it definitely translates to gelato. Granted I didn't let it temper (Sorry Nick!), but this currently has like Haagen-Dazs texture to it. MMMMMM, such a pleasant dinner (too tired to cook).

Mmmm, I so enjoy an excellent vanilla flavor. Ok, technically there aren't a ton of truffles in this pint... ha, double truffles! ..and now a third truffle, things are just getting better. Oh, the truffles are excellent by the way. There is a little bit of melt to them as you chew on them and that releases a bit of lingering flavor burst that goes perfectly with the vanilla. No one will ever excuse of Graeters of using sub par ingredients. (Woohoo, two more truffles, I'm on a role!)

And now half the pint is gone. So tasty. If I had to pick, I'd go with the texture of their regular ice cream, but I still really enjoyed this one. Nice job.

(Sorry, no official second scoop on this one, it just got inhaled at some point. My only comment will be that it definitely doesn't have Talenti texture but then again gelato doesn't usually have to take a trip with dry ice, so we leave it be for now until I can pick this up in a store)

Verdict?  Graeter's quality is here, what else do you need to know?


TheIcon said...

I always worry this is the downfall of good products. They start expanding into other areas. I enjoys Graeters brand quite a bit and feel they should stick with the few things they do because they do them well.

Dubba Scoops said...

I wont argue with that logic. I'd rather see new flavors then new products sometimes. I get they want our money, but when you have a legacy like graeters, you'd think they'd just do their thing... ofcourse, Jerry (of B&J) always said something to the effect of "if you aren't growing, you're dieing" (sorry, I stink at paraphrasing)