Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wegmans S'mores Ice Cream

[New for 2014] I keep trying to use up my Perry's coupons these last few months but my Wegmans only dedicates one shelf to them (so 16 containers on the shelf, often basic or repetitive flavors). I keep leaving the store without ice cream (opting to grab something closer to home), but maybe I should give in. See, instead of their usually two tone packaging on their crazier premium creations (like pb&j), Wegman's has these new fancy graphic pints that are calling to me. Ahh, I'm not leaving empty handed again!

Wegmans S'mores Ice Cream
Marshmallow Flavored Ice Cream with Marshmallow Swirls,
Graham Swirls & Milk Chocolate Flavored Bits

Can you see the white marshmallow swirls on the right?

I dig right in and it definitely has  has that marshmallow tang (like I just melted some for rice krispy treats). It really smells like marshmallow too.... alot! Like you can smell it before the pint gets too close to you kind of smell. I'm debating if it's just powerful or if it's smells artificial.

I dug up a giant marble sized hunk of the graham cracker swirl and wow, it's potent, though it's not super sweet or super dry. It reminded me of something and then I forgot.... wheaty, that's it, it's got a real strong wheat flavor, like a hearty whole wheat bread. It's a more complex flavor then I'm use to in a graham cracker swirl, so I guess bonus points for taking things up a notch.

There are a good amount of chips in here. They are nice and thick and provide a good chunky thud. Their flavor is somewhat lost amongst the marshmallow though. It's just not a melty chocolate that might coat your taste buds and linger for a bit.

Man, this pint is dangerous. I gave almost half to my wife and now I'm trying hard to not eat the other half. You see all the chips and graham ahead of you and you keep scooping, trying to get the perfect ratio on your spoon. I guess I'm trying to get more graham flavor to balance the whole thing out (much like the excellent Brigham's version).

Yeah, I'm eating this way too fast and need to save a bit for a second scoop. It's potent, that's for sure. If you don't like marshmallow tang, I would avoid this one. Still, it's a neat flavor, even if it isn't perfect. Yup, wife likes it's too. It's different, that's for sure!

On Second Scoop:  This one was a little easier to scoop when going in with realistic expectations about the bold marshmallow base. It's still pretty potent, but it made for a neat afternoon kick in the tastebuds. These pints are technically sitting right next to Gifford's excellent Campfire S'mores flavor, so I prefer that, but I'm glad I tried this one because they put a good amount of effort in to their premium pints.

Verdict?  potent
Buy Again?  maybe on occasion

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Danielle said...

I'm sorry Dubba but that Wegman's PB&J is my all time fav flavor ;)