Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ben & Jerry's That's My Jam Core Ice Cream

[New for 2014, discontinued] So, we've been pretty tough on the new core flavors, and I feel bad about that. I know we can be fairly critical but it's only because we know these companies can do better. I know we are just one website, and these are just opinions... but don't be surprised when the core lineup disappears again.

Ben & Jerry's That's My Jam Core Ice Cream
Chocolate & Raspberry Ice Creams with Fudge Chips & a Raspberry Core

Oh Ben & Jerry's, for a few bites you almost had me fooled in to thinking this might be a repeat purchase.... bummer. It's decent and easily my favorite new core of the bunch, but my overall opinion kept changing as I went. So confused... let's break it down bit by bit.

I have no particular problem with the raspberry chip ice cream. It's not as sweet as a traditional black raspberry flavor, and it's not very strong, but it's still has a nice natural flavor and the small chocolate chips are fun to crunch through... so why not have the chips on the chocolate side? That's my first complaint.

I dont know if I should give B&J props for being truthful in saying "Jam" or if I should tease them for being too literal. It tastes and feels like a traditional, all-natural jam that you might find on the store shelf. It's the somewhat solid (not-runny) variety, so it's easy to scoop the exact amount you want with each bite. It's a quality jam that's not artificial, has a little bit of bite to it, and it even has some seeds to boot.

Now the consistency of the core may not bother you, and that's fine, but my second complaint is that I would never put a solid jam like this on a sundae. I would much rather use a sweeter and more fluid solution like Smucker's Orchard Preserves. I get they need a more solid jam to hold together during the assembly process, just be aware of where this core fits in to world of jams and jellies.

And when you scoop everything together? Ahhh, I don't know. I don't know if it's me or the pint, but something isn't playing nice with my taste buds. Ahhh, maybe I'm just eating too fast.

On Second Scoop: I snagged a half serving before heading out the door and I'm torn. This may sound dumb, but my wishy-washy opinion isn't necessarily a bad thing. It means that they've done a lot of things right, but since I have such overly high standards for B&J, I'm having trouble giving my stamp of approval. I think the core idea is close to working here, but I just don't get why both sides don't have magically raspberry infused white chocolate chips... or a sweeter swirl... or a sweeter raspberry... ahhh, stop being so picky! Make up your own mind on this one (but let us know what you decide).

On Third Scoop: Ok, I just finished off the pint and I have to say two things. First, this one does grow on you (I was imagining the core was the same stuff that Tastykake shoves in to Jelly Krimpets). Two, there is something about the core that will mess with your tastebuds and kind of skew your diagnosis of the chocolate (something I mentioned in the first scoop).

Verdict?  don't be afraid to try it
Buy Again?  iunno

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Anonymous said...

What's interesting is I've only seen one single above-average review of the Core flavors, and it was a blog that simply called all 4 flavors "mind-blowingly good" so I question if the person actually tried them all or not. All the subpar reviews (not just from this site) have swayed me, so I'm not sure I'll try any of these unless they're on sale. I feel like the last handful of B&J flavors have fallen way short .

Dubba Scoops said...

yeah, i called out a few of the "news" sites for proclaiming the awesomeness of these products without even trying them. they just want the site traffic (and ad revenue), they have little regard for the ice cream lovers of the world.

J said...

I was finding myself sort of wishing that the raspberry side was peanut butter ... or that the core of this one was peanut butter so that it would be a play on a pb & j... but then I realized that would be too similar to the peanut butter and chocolate one. I agree - the chips should be on both sides. It did grow on me by the end and I might get it again.

Jason Reed said...

This is my favorite core flavor. Who cares the chocolate side doesnt have chips? You get chips in the other side so not having chips gives you variety. You get your chips and est them too so to speak. You also should try a little raspberry a little jam and a little chocolat in your spoonful.

But alas, B&J have discontinued this flavor. So disappointed right now...

Dustin S said...

Gonna have to agree with Jason Reed. I am upset that they got rid of this one. That raspberry core was very good!