Monday, February 3, 2014

The Nosh Show : Episode 22 with
Marshmallow Crispy & Cookie Dough Oreos

Hello hello hello! It's Nosh Show Monday and this one is chock full or Oreos, candy talk with Cybele from, and a healthy argument debate over cereal milk... wait, what? Cow Wow already beat cereal milk to the punch? and they've been on shark tank no less? I need to do more show prep.

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Now we spend the first several minutes of Episode 22 bragging talking about the two new Oreo flavors: Marshmallow Crispy and Cookie Dough. We all agree that the marshmallow crispy ones are excellent and worthy of multiple purchases. I didnt fall instantly in love with the cookie dough ones, but during the show I joked that not only would I make a breakfast sundae out of crispy and cookie dough, but that I would make the sandwiches you see above you, and guess what? The layer of chocolate chips totally flips these from brown sugar oreos to ooey gooey cookie dough Oreos. I took one bite and went "holy cow, I perfected the cookie!". I was stoked and can't wait to make more of these later. (Update: it seems like aging the cookies helps too, like a pack that's not fresh off the line seems to have flavors that have settled in to what you might expect. Also, my wife is a huge fan of these, though finding them has been hit or miss still)

Alright, have yourself a good week, and eat more ice cream! Be on the look out for Core flavors returning to the Ben & Jerry's U.S. line up, and in updated packaging no less (brown lid, less cows). We've also got new frozen Kandy Bars from Klondike. Lastly, keep your eyes open for the latest red velvet treats.

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