Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Skinny Cow Chocolate Mint Ganache
Low Fat Ice Cream Cones

And the very first new treat of 2014 is....

Ganache cones made with low fat ice cream (click for larger image)

Skinny Cow Chocolate Ganache low fat ice cream cones! 4 cones to a box, 3.85 fluid ounces each, and they come in mint or mousse variations (and set me back four bucks at Wal-mart). To be honest, the description has me a little puzzled, but the mint version has a chocolate cone, so those came home with me first.

I have never liked the skinny cow logo... so yeah, the red eyes aren't helping at all.

Well, well, well, aren't you just a pleasant looking treat hiding behind that scary wrapper!

And now.... the heart of the review... what is this thing really? I expected mint chocolate ice cream but oh no, this cone has another plan. The white part? yeah, that's mint flavored, but the brown part? nothing but chocolate. Oh, and that little chocolate puddle? It's really good!

Basically this treat is a trickster and you can play it's game whatever way you like. You can eat all the mint first, and then have that flavor linger as you eat the rest of the cone. Or, be sneaky, and eat the chocolate puddle first. Sure, ganache probably makes you think of chocolate shavings, not a puddle, but who cares because it makes a neat treat to pop out and eat by itself, plus now you've got a chocolate vibe going and you can attack the mint and then more chocolate. What works for you, it doesn't care. (should I admit I ate mine from the bottom up after slicing it open?)

So you're probably thinking "wait, ummm, Dubba, it sounds like you liked this treat?" Well, I did. The great thing here is that the cone is super fresh (and pleasant), so I'm already ahead in the game. I'm not really a fan of skinny cow ice cream, but I didn't really mind it here (refer back to the cone). Overall, it just worked. Sure, I was initially disappointed by it not being filled with mint ice cream, but I get it, they're taking it easy rather than beating me over the head with mint flavor, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Verdict?  Not bad, not bad at all
Buy Again?  if they're fresh, I'm not opposed to it

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