Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blue Bunny Butter Pecan Ice Cream

[By Nick] Recently, I came across a gas station that carries pints of Blue Bunny ice cream. You have no idea how happy I was when I saw this. As you guys might have noticed, I don’t buy large containers of ice cream often and tend to leave those to Dubba to review. It’s not that I don’t like the more mainstream ice creams, it’s just I like a lot of variety and seeing as I’m the only one in my house who eats ice cream it takes a while for me to finish off one of those container.

Blue Bunny Butter Pecan Ice Cream
Go nuts with rich and creamy ice cream touched with a buttery essence
and loaded with lots of pecans... and a litte bit of attitude

So now having access to a handful of Blue Bunny flavors in a more reasonable pint container, I decided to pick up two of them to review: Butter Pecan and Double Strawberry. The latter of which will be reviewed in the future because you all know I had to go with their Butter Pecan first.

Blue Bunny describes this one as “Our creamy vanilla ice cream is infused with a rich, buttery pecan essence and generously sprinkled with roasted pecans.” You all know I’m not a fan of when companies use a vanilla base in butter pecan flavors. While Blue Bunny makes a fine vanilla ice cream, it’s not what I want when it comes to butter pecan. Sure the butter pecan essence is noticeable but it’s nowhere near as buttery as it should be.

Thankfully Blue Bunny has liberally filled this pint with pecans. These are some of the best buttered pecans I've had in ice cream. Their butteriness makes up for the lackluster base, and then some. They’re also the perfect size. I prefer when companies chop up their nuts because it leads to better distribution like we see in this Blue Bunny pint. The majority of spoonfuls involve at least some pieces of pecan and the ones that don’t are few and far between. This doesn't sound all that important but it really is. Without the pecans, this is just a normal vanilla ice cream with a hint of butter. With them included, you get the buttery flavor that the base should have had while adding the right amount of nuttiness and crunch. While this is far from my favorite Butter Pecan rendition, you could do a lot worse.

Verdict?  Middle of the road.
Buy Again?  Nope but I will be going back to grab a few more of the Blue Bunny pints to try.

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