Monday, October 28, 2013

I wouldn't say no to a....
Klondike Classic Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

Let's be honest here. If you offer me an ice cream sandwich, I'm not going to say no. If you offer me a box of ice cream sandwiches, I may or may not drool on myself. See, I work for a small company, and once a week this very nice coworker goes out at lunchtime and does our shopping for us. She gets the usual office stuff: coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, plus any rogue requests that pop up, like say a giant bag of jolly ranchers. Now before she leaves, she always asks one more time if anyone needs anything, and for whatever reason, I threw out "ice cream sandwiches!". Well as a fellow fan of ice cream, she decided to bring us back a big box of....

Klondike Classic Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches
(wait, am I the only one who had one yesterday?)

Now it's fine, I have no major complaints, but it doesn't have that same soft serve flavor pop that fat boy did.  It's still good, and I will happily help polish off this box, I'm just throwing out the comparison.

Don't forget that Nick and I did a unique double review of the chocolate version about a year ago. Now that I've had both versions, I'd definitely stick with the classic vanilla, but I tend to be a classic kind of eater. Also, and maybe this is box to box, but unlike the chocolate, these vanilla ones have a drier wafer that has a little bit of solid crunch to it, which I like.

And that's that. Just another standard product from Klondike, nothing special here, but nothing terrible either.  For the same calories as a few Oreos, I've had myself a nice lunchtime dessert.

Feel free to try these, but if they are sitting next to a box of fat boys for the same price, go fat boy!

On Second Scoop: Since I seem to be eating most of these myself, I wonder if it would be wrong to have a little fun with them...... double decker klondike here I come!

Owww owww owww. Too big!

Ahhh, that's better. 360 calories of frozen fullness.
(Sorry, hard to resist the crazy sometimes)
Verdict? Decent
Buy Again? Meh

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