Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Einstein Bros Frozen Pumpkin Pie Drink

[New for 2013] Yesterday, it was time to make my first second third trip to Einstein Bros Bagels. Now our buddy Adam from theimpulsivebuy.com sent me an email about a month ago saying that Einstein Bros had unleashed a bunch of fall products, including the very tempting sounding Frozen Pumpkin Pie. Ok, I know I should have went sooner, but the socially anxious side of me hates going in this particular store because the cashier has to make the drink, meaning all the hungry people behind me have to wait like two minutes while he stops what he is doing to make it for me. I know that sounds dumb, but it's nerve racking for some of us. Anyway....

So here's my lunch. Ham and cheese on a potato bagel, the Sun Chips version of Doritios, and my well-blended drink. The official description for Frozen Pumpkin Pie is "An indulgent blended frozen drink that tastes just like a pumpkin pie. It is topped with whipped cream pumpkin and sauce drizzle." There's nothing pretty on top like the advertised pictured, but whatever, taste is my concern today.

Now watching this thing get made was a little scary. I couldn't see everything, but I did notice ice, milk(?), and a container full of an orange/brown sauce. I may have seen caramel too. Now that all seems straight forward, but then he pops open the super blender and throws in half of a big pumpkin cookie to get things started. Interesting. (side note: why not give me the other half? hehehehe)

I take my first sip and it literally tastes like ice cold, pumpkin pie flavored milk.

Ok, I've now finished (most of) this drink and I'm still not sure what kind of verdict I should give to it. On the one hand, this drink is going to be too much for some of us. It's just that strong. On the other hand, if you adore pumpkin spice and are sick of companies only bringing hints and vibes of the flavor, than this drink is for you. I'm literally torn between saying this drink is an epic masterpiece or saying this drink is just way too much to handle. It's so strong.... but it's good... but it's too strong... but it's drinkable pumpkin pie... AHHHH!

Seriously though, I'm at a loss. My belly is stuffed full of beverage and bagel and I can't make a decision. It is pure, pumpkin spice flavor with all it's potent, glorious mojo still intact. It just happens to be in the form of ice cold milk so it goes down super easy. If this was say 20-25% weaker, I could foresee getting this often. As it is though, I.... I.... I don't think I'm man enough to handle it more than once. I kept going "so spicy" -sip- "It's too strong" -sip-sip- "So full" -sip- "so cold".

Ha, I just realized something. If anything, it will at least wake up your taste buds!

Ok, you make your own decision on this one, good luck!

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Adam said...

Haha thanks for taking one for the team! I completely get you about feeling self-conscious while ordering! It's why I usually just grab a bagel and coffee and don't bother with any more. The people who buy about a gazillion bagels and lose track of how many they bought after 3 or 4 drive me crazy.

EBB is solid with their pumpkin offerings. Both the Pumpkin Bagel and Pumpkin Walnut Crunch are quite good, as is their Pumpkin Schmear.