Saturday, October 12, 2013

Clemmy's All Natural Coffee Ice Cream

[By Nickdiscontinued / out of business]
You guys asked for more sugar-free ice cream reviews, so here you go!

Clemmy’s seems to be the top tier company when it comes to making sugar-free products. I've yet to find a flavor that really disappointed me so here’s hoping we continue that streak with their coffee ice cream.

I've been getting more into coffee ice cream as of late so this seemed like the obvious choice to review next. With the lid removed, it looks a bit darker than I’m used to; maybe this one is more of a black coffee flavor? No better way to find out than by scooping some out into a bowl.

Like their vanilla flavor, this one is remarkably creamy for a sugar-free product. I say remarkably because I’m still recovering from my experience with Iskream. The texture once again changes the longer you let it sit out though. It becomes a little bit chewier but not to the degree frozen dairy desserts tend to be.

As for taste, I was right on this one being a black coffee flavor. The taste is all out coffee with little to no milky qualities. The flavor starts out robust and bold but instead of ending with a creaminess to round it out, it ends with a full on bitter assault. I’d say that this is in fact the blackest coffee ice cream I have ever encountered. I’m fine with the bitterness seeing as if I do get coffee, it is normally black. I can easily see that being a deal breaker for other people not quite into plain coffee. As of late, I’ve become accustomed to the milk laden versions of coffee ice cream so this one is a nice change of pace. Once again I have to commend Clemmy’s for producing another sugar free ice cream that doesn’t make my want to hide under my bed.

Verdict?  If you like black coffee, this is the flavor for you.
Buy Again?  For a black coffee fix.


Anonymous said...

Nick, thanks for doing another sugar free review! Both my diabetes and I thank you.

Good to know that this one is more of a black coffee ice cream. It would probably be a bit too bitter for someone like me.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Nick Rovo said...

@Anon: No problem! I'm always up for requests like I said last time. This is definitely for the bitter crowd though. Hope your weekend is going well also!