Monday, August 19, 2013

Quick Scoop: Ciao Bella Belgian Chocolate Gelato

[By Nick, discontinued for the 2014 rebranding/reformulating] After being impressed by Ciao Bella Triple Espresso, I had high hopes for the other base only flavor sample Ciao Bella sent over for me to try.

Ciao Bella Belgian Chocolate Gelato

Now in all honesty, I have had their Belgian Chocolate gelato before in the form of their Belgian Chocolate S’mores Squares. That was years ago though and I really don’t remember it leaving much of an impression on me. I’m excited to be able to try it sans all of the other components of those squares though.

Off the bat, I already notice a difference in texture from the Triple Espresso flavor. This one seems smoother and more reminiscent of true gelato. I’m not sure why there’s a difference but I’ll blame it on the coffee beans throughout the other one. Taste wise, it’s on par with just about every chocolate ice cream on the market. It’s neither strongly dark nor milky and would fall under the generic term of chocolate. I’m sure you guys know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that. There’s a nice cocoa flavor that adds some depth without being too overly powerful. Unlike Ben & Jerry’s chocolate base, I could see this one showcasing mix-ins quite nicely.

Yeah, there’s really nothing more I have to say about this one.

Verdict?  Your run of the mill chocolate
Buy Again?  No but I would like to try their Belgian Chocolate S’mores faux-pint

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