Sunday, July 7, 2013

Make Yourself a Breakfast Sundae

One of the toughest things about blogging is writing an introduction in your head... only to forget it by the time you get to the keyboard. Oh ever-interrupting world, will you ever slow down so that, you know, I can make myself a sundae? Hehehehehe. One of the things we just don't talk about enough is my (semi)secret passion for making beautiful desserts. Now I didn't say I was good at it, I'm just saying I like to try.

There's just something magical about food that looks as good as it tastes. 

Oh sure, if I have the right camera, lighting, and angle, I can make any ice cream look decent, but I'm talking about a truthful picture that matches the magic of what's in front of you. Case in point is this crazy breakfast sundae idea that I've been running with. Now you already know about it if you follow me on twitter or on facebook, but I decided to post it here to help spread the word... Ok, technically I can't decide if it should be this facebook page or this tumblr account, but either way, I'm trying to vent my creativity (and hunger) in a new way.

Now this is no easy task that I've set for myself. I'm dealing with a subject matter that has a very limited life span. Cold ice cream on hot breakfast foods in the middle of summer has just a few minutes of being photogenic before becoming a pile of mush. There's getting the lighting right. There's rotating the sundae just right. It's tough and it's time consuming, but it's also a ton of fun. Oh, and it's tasty too.... talk about testing my patience. It's not like I make two sundaes, one for eating and one for photographing. There's just one sundae, and I have to not devour it as I snap photos.... oh it's a tough wait.

Deep down I hope to encourage you to be more experimental with your food. There is no wrong way to make a sundae. You can literally use whatever you have around the house. This last sundae I made is built on a slice of toast and covered in jelly. It doesn't take long to assemble and I picked up this excellent Smuckers Orchard's Finest Fall Harvest Cinnamon Apple preserves on a whim. Take the time to look at your food now and then. If you are like me, you'll realize that those neat chunks of apple in the preserves are kind of what seals the deal on this sundae. (If you've ever had Boston Market's excellent cinnamon apple slices, this jam reminds me of that). In my mind I start thinking about what all the individual pieces taste like and then running wild with the hope of how good it could or should taste together. It's been a fun experiment, one that I hope to continue... but probably not everyday (sometimes I run a wee bit late in the morning, no time for sundaes!)

Ok, get out there and make yourself a sundae!


Anonymous said...

Is this REALLY a new idea? Maybe a variation on something old.....Belgian waffle sundaes have been around a while. I know a great custard place that makes fresh to order ones. And burger king had that (nasty) bacon sundae....that's breakfast food....kind of. There are a lot of fro yos on the market now. That seems like good fodder for breakfast. I guess I'm envisioning french toast made with challah bread drizzled with caramel sauce with some fro yo on top. Mmmmmm I'd get up for that!
-Anne Sutton, Poquoson, VA

Dubba Scoops said...

never said it was new, instead I'm trying to encourage people to try something new to them, that's all.