Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New candy bites for all your sundae topping needs

So I've been eating way too much candy lately. I know some of these may not be new-new, but they're new enough to me that I wanted to catalog of of them. Technically my plan was to make a sundae for each of the following treats but it was just so much easier to shove the candy in my face instead.

I was absolutely stoked to see Heath pieces. The pieces concept may seem like a dumb gimmick but I'm already a giant fan of special dark pieces and york pieces, so I have high hopes here. Now it says milk chocolate & toffee candy in a crunchy shell, but I see three colors. Which is which?

The trick here is that while you might expect each color to be a different part of a heath bar, the truth is each piece is a bit of everything. That means the flavor isn't real strong and you have to have several of them before you start settling in to the heath groove. It's a neat trick and they are worth a try.

Snickers Bites - taste like Snickers. They were a little bigger than I expected (so not quiet as small as I expected for something to throw on a sundae). Again, they taste fine, but there is something unsatisfying about not eating an entire snickers bar. There's also no way to only eat half a package of these considering how few you get.

Milky Way Bites - same idea, same size. They taste like Milky Way and again I can't eat half a package.

Kit Kat Minis taste just like Kit Kats. They are about an inch long so you might want to cut them in half before throwing them on your sundae. I got a whopping *14* bites in this bag, but at least it doesn't claim to be two servings.

Apparently the dollar-sized snack bags aren't your only option. I spied these at price chopper.

Nestle Buncha Crunch - These aren't new, but they were on sale. These are waxy, oh so waxy. The overall taste is decent if a little lacking in the crisp department, but the waxy nature is really distracting. It's just not a straight crunch flavor.  They're not really that easy to eat either. Basically you need to dump some  in your hand or on a sundae, or better yet, dump some in your hand, eat the big ones, and then dump the little ones on your sundae.

Ok, that's it for now. Sorry for stating the obvious on some of these but I needed to know what all of these tasted like so I was prepared for future sundae adventures. Oh, I would have added Butterfinger Bites but they weren't on sale and the crunch was. So, have fun bringing your favorite candy to the top of your sundae. If you want more in depth analysis of any of these treats, I suggest heading on over to candyblog.

Update: I wasnt going to buy the big bag of Butterfinger Bites, but then I saw this small box at walmart for under a buck. I couldn't resist and threw it in my shopping cart. Big shocker here, they taste like those mini holiday butterfingers more or less. Not quite as good as a full sized butterfinger, but close enough.

Ok, let's have a little fun with shall we? First off, you can plainly see that the "actual size" image is way off. It's length and width are distinctly smaller while the height appears to be half of what it should be. The printed version would probably work on a sundae, but the real version might be a bit unwieldy.

One other strange thing. The box claims that there are 8 bites in a 40 gram serving, and that there are about 2 servings per box. That puts each bite at 5 grams a piece, and I can confirm that there were 17 pieces in my box. All is well right? Well, then how come the front of my box says 99.2g? That would put me at 20 pieces or 2.5 servings. Sorry, I think about these things too much.

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