Monday, May 13, 2013

Arby's Triple Berry Shake
  and The Nosh Show Episode 3

No sooner was Nosh Episode 2 in the can then I was already planning my treats to dig in to for Episode 3. I've had a hankerin' for Arby's ever since I saw their new shake, and yes I know I swore off Arby's shakes, but it's time for a visit. Mmmm, I can taste the curly fries already... oh, which reminds me, I found Arby's curly fries in the freezer section of my local grocery store. They ain't bad, but they just don't compare to the real thing.

Episode 3 of The Nosh Show is now available! Head on over to The Nosh Show website to listen and to see a complete rundown of everything we talked about. We even have a giveaway for you this time (as if the sounds of our voices isn't a gift already.... sorry, couldn't resist). We get a little crazy in this episode including a flashback to my childhood. Good Times.

This is the new King's Hawaiin Roast Beef sandwich, the kind where you spend an extra $1.80 for some sauce, 3 pickle slices, a slice of swiss cheese. So not worth it. The soft bun was fine, but it's not like you can really notice it over the sauce. I also picked up a side of chips and thankfully they weren't terrible. They looked heavily over seasoned but they didn't really taste that way. If anything, they reminded me way too much of sea salt and vinegar chips. Not a whole lot of potato flavor going on though I wonder if maybe mine were more overcooked than the one's Adam tried?

All I can say about the new Arby's Triple Berry Shake is man it's terrible. Ok, those are my wife's words, but Arby's brought this on themselves. This should be called a smoothie, not a shake. It's too potent and lacks the creamy vibe necessary to be called a shake. They need to call it something else so people aren't so  shocked when they try it. I found it ok, but it's unnatural and took away from my meal. Had I been warned about the impending flavor onslaught, I may have been less cranky after I tried it. Sure it was thicker than my McDonald's Strawberry shake from a few weeks ago, but McD's nailed the flavor, this doesn't even come close.

Shake Verdict?  Not a shake
Buy Again?  Nope


Adam said...

Bummed you didn't like the chips. Mine were certainly super crunchy, but not burnt. I thought the vinager flavor was strong, but so was the potato flavor.

Anonymous said...

Dubba, why didn't you post my Seinfeld clip from YouTube? It worked as a comment on the sort of person who probably would enjoy this shake.

Dubba Scoops said...

sorry, a link to a clip with no comment gets deleted because it looks like spam. please feel free to repost!