Sunday, April 14, 2013

Velvet Ice Cream Butter Pecan Review

Today, April 14, is National Pecan Day. Nick is a Butter Pecan addict, but I never paid much attention to it... ummm, ever. Well, the status quo just might change because Velvet Ice Cream decided to include a container of it with their shipment of free samples. Buckeye blitz was epic, so let's see how this stands up.

Velvet Ice Cream Butter Pecan & Cashew is butter pecan ice cream blended with butter-roasted pecans and cashews. It's been almost four years since I've had a butter pecan flavor so wish me luck!

It sure smells like pecans!

I take my first bite: OH THE SALTINESS! Whoa, I was not ready for that. Yet again, Velvet is delivering an intense flavor. The butter flavor is coming across, but it's like a heavily salted butter and it's really throwing me off my game here. Maybe that's just how a strong butter flavor tastes, I really don't know. I head back for a few more bites aiming for the plentiful pecans and cashews (sorry, can't tell them apart when they are buried in ice cream). Ahhh, the salt is still getting to me.

I'm digging the quality here, but you see, one day (long ago) as a kid, my salt sensitivity went out of whack. I went from adoring soft pretzels to abhorring them. Sometimes a salty product just hits me the wrong way whether it be initial flavoring or just a lingering salty aftertaste. Now I am pressing on, encouraged by the nice creamy texture, but when I pause to type, the salty aftertaste really lingers for me.

Ok, I'm at the end of my bowl. If you love butter pecan, you'd probably adore this flavor. If salty/overly buttery stuff turns you off though, go try one of Velvet's other offerings. I don't think this is a bad product, it's just not for me. Sorry, no second scoop on this one.

--- Consider the status quo maintained ---

Verdict?  Good product... sooooo not for me
Buy Again?  not this flavor

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Danielle said...

I too love butter pecan which is funny b/c I'm not a nut eater unless it's in ice cream. To which the exception is almonds - I hate them completely! Dubs since this isn't your type of ice cream, just send it to Nick!