Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blue Bunny Cadbury Chocolate Almond Bar Review

[By Nick - New for 2012] Is it me or does it feel like Blue Bunny’s product line is multiplying like, well, bunnies? Last year they cranked out 21 new products. Some companies don’t even offer 21 different products total. Not content with that flood of products into the market, this year Blue Bunny is at it again releasing 27 more products. From a guy who loves variety, this is beyond awesome. 

The new product line that really caught my eye was the partnership with Cadbury. I know I’m not alone when I say one of my favorite things about Easter is those little Cadbury creme eggs. So you’re saying now I can enjoy them year round and in ice cream form? Sign me up right away. 

Dubba already touched on the Double Chocolate variety so I’m going to delve into the Chocolate Almond Bars. Despite the name, these bars are actually comprised of vanilla ice cream. The chocolate almond part of this bar comes from the shell it is enrobed in. Blue Bunny describes them as “Creamy Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream dipped in thick, rich Cadbury milk chocolate coating with almond pieces.” That’s pretty straight forward if you ask me.

Points for a nice regal wrapper design

Out of the wrapper, it looks like a miniature version of a Magnum Almond Bar (Oh wait, they just released a mini magnum version). I really enjoyed that bar so if this is half as good as that, I’ll be very pleased.

Biting into this bar, all I can say is this blows Magnum out of the water. The Cadbury chocolate shell is beyond perfection. It has that familiar milk chocolate flavor you’d associate with a Cadbury egg but amplify the crunch factor by 10. The crunch is what really got me hooked to this bar. My only problem with it is that it tends to crack in to big chunks instead of just breaking off where I bite. It's not that big of a deal because I remember that same thing happening when I had the Magnum variety so I guess I’ll just blame the almonds for the uneven breakage. 

Speaking of the almonds, they add even more crunch but their flavor is pretty mute. You get a little bit of nuttiness on the back end but it’s not all that noticeable. The vanilla ice cream is more of an afterthought as well. It’s your standard vanilla so there’s not much I can really talk about besides the fact it was there and served its purpose. Well I guess I could say it was creamy like they promised but that’s about it.

Man I wish this was an ounce or so bigger though. I really plowed through that bar in no time and was considering grabbing another one. Damn that Cadbury shell is amazing and I’m glad Blue Bunny pounced on the opportunity to collaborate with them. Nice job by all parties involved.

Verdict?  The Cadbury shell really makes these bars exceptional
Buy Again?  There are 3 other varieties I want to try but I’d without a doubt be picking these up again.

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Jennifer said...

These are SO good, in my opinion. The hubby bought me one of these and a magnum bar home from a gas station one night (as a surprise). Both the Cadbury Chocolate Almond and Magnum Bar (I think with caramel?) were delicious. But there was something about the awesomeness of the Cadbury shell that I absolutely loved - It is thick and tasty. and Now, I can't find them in the grocery store.....go figure. Probably a good thing for my waistline. :)