Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Perry's Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream
and NEW Apple Pie Ice Cream

Perry's seems like a cool company with some cool flavors, but I'm relegated to a very tiny selection of their lineup that is served up by the only Wegman's in Mass. Thankfully for me, I was pleasantly surprised when Perry's sent over an email asking if I wanted some free samples of their fall flavors. I said yes in a heartbeat and patiently waited for my delivery.

Behold Perry's Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream and their new Apple Pie Ice Cream (which was discontinued a few years later). Nothing says fall like Pumpkins and Apples. I'm digging the black limited edition packaging. I mean, besides Breyers, who else rocks black?

Nice, our premium ice cream is sealed from the elements, just the way I like it.

Fat content puts them in premium range, though 70g does seem a little light.

- So we've got -
Pumpkin Ice Cream with swirls of whipped cream flavored ice cream and pie crust pieces
Apple Ice Cream with Pecan Swirls and Cinnamon Pie Crust Pieces

I figured I would probably like the apple pie more... so I dug into the Pumpkin first.

Hehehe, I love the coloring here. Swirling two flavors seems to be a dying art form, but I continue to be a sucker for when it's done right. I want to see that swirl invade every corner of the container, plus the contrast is just neat. Our scoops are showing signs of a nice main stream brand (decent texture/air content while not being too gummy/resistive on the scoop).

Now I wasn't to sure what to think at first, but I settled in after a few bites and I have to say that this is a really nice flavor. It's not some bright orange and artificially flavored thing, instead it's a nice pumpkin pie orange-brown with a mild yet authentic flavor. If you were hoping for an overload of pumpkin spices, then look elsewhere. If you were looking for something seasonal that everyone can like, than you are in the right spot.

Here's two examples of the pie crust pieces. Sure I would love if the crust bits were a little more sugary, but I can live with that. They are a fairly typical crust flavor, not too gritty. For me there were a decent amount, but I could definitely have used more (I always can).

The bright white whipped cream flavored ice cream probably seems like a gimmick (because it almost always is), but you know what? I do, albeit mildly, detect notes of whipped cream. It's not going to be like a giant squirt of whip cream on top of your pie, but it does mellow out the pumpkin pie base a little. It's a neat little touch that is mild enough to not come off as artificial (or annoying). It just spices thinks up a little, no pun intended.

Verdict?  the best of the mid-range pumpkin ice creams
Buy Again?  if I needed a pumpkin fix, I would look here first

So as I mentioned, Perry's Apple Pie Ice Cream is new for 2012 and it looks decent, though as a big fan of sweet and sugary apple pie (and apple sauce and cold apple cider), I would have liked to see the swirls a big more engaging.

I take my first few bites and to my surprise it's very soft and even a little gummy, but it's definitely a nice clean taste. Just like the pumpkin, this isn't trying to blow my doors off, instead it's just trying to keep an authentic and non-artificial taste (which is appreciated!).

Ha, not don't those look like some cool little cinnamon cookies? Shame they don't taste as cinnamon-y as they look... well, it's not exactly their fault. There is a very even taste to this ice cream so I don't want you to expect a cinnamon blasts when you bite down into one of these. They are pretty much the same as the pumpkin pie crust bits, albeit rounder and sprinkled with cinnamon, but the basics of the crust are the same ingredients.

Wow, this was is going down real easy. It's just a nice apple pie flavor, it really is. Again it's something that can be pleasing to everyone, not just the hardcore apple fans or those fearful of the fruit. It's middle of the road... or should I say middle of the table?

You know, I love when the melted ice cream is chuck full of little bits of ingredients and flavoring. It's just exciting to see. When I look down, I can taste it without scooping it and it's always been one of my favorite things about vanilla/light colored ice creams. I just love to see the flavor. I want to see it, smell it, taste it. All the best flavors are a complete experience. Ok, sidebar over.

Doh! I just realized I'm not picking up any pecan flavor, or if I am.... no, I'm not, but I'm not complaining. The ice cream has a nice complete flavor and I'm guessing the pecans have wound their way through the other flavors to tie everything together. I'm probably just not refined enough to pick it up on its on.

Well that was quick and I am totally debating bowl #2. It's a fairly light ice cream, it's soft with little resistance. You know, when you have a super high fat content ice cream, it's easier to slow scoop. Something like this you just devour and then go "mmm, that was good.... now where's my apple pie?". I mean that, I totally want a slice of apple pie right now.

On Second Scoop:  I started the second scoop with as much swirl as possible.... but I'm still not tasting the pecan. Oh well, no big loss, I'm sure it's subtly in there somewhere.... Oops, meant to eat that bowl slower. Let me just say that I ate 4 or 5 pie chunks while I was scooping which unfortunately only left one in my bowl. Bummer.... hehehe, just got a little apple chunk on that very last bite - Wow, now I wish there were more of those. Flavors like this are always a balancing act but I gotta say, if they really beefed up the swirl and jacked it full of these apple bits, oh yeah, this flavor would jump to the front of the line for me.

Verdict?  a nice flavor but could be tweaked
Buy Again?  If the apple mood struck

Thanks again to Perry's for the free samples. I'll be here if they want to send anything else over :)


Anonymous said...

Nice review dub. Sorry that it was gummy for a premium ice cream. Yet in a slightly related note ( to save you some time ) the breyer's blast chocolate Reese's peanut butter dairy dessert don't expect too much from it. The reason why is because in the front of the carton and ingredient list it says there is a peanut butter swirl. I opened It and I couldn't see it & when I finally tasted it it was nearly paper thin and I could hardly see it ( it was probably the only one I tasted too ) With a description like that I was expecting an act to put Reese's peanut butter cups in a Reese's peanut butter cup base. As for the dessert itself I liked it the chocolate base was like a normal ice cream ( not premium wise ) with a very slight gumminess ( not as much as Oreo birthday bash ) and with the peanut butter cups its like having a chocolate dessert with reeses. So with a description like that I hope I either saved you time or probably influenced you.

Dubba Scoops said...

I try not to expect anything from Breyers BLASTS, it's just easier that way.

Anonymous said...

ugh Breyer Blasts Im not sure are even frozen desserts. I rather eat the candy alone minus the "frozen dairy dessert" Its like chilled whipped crisco with candy.

Trader Joes I still put near the top if not the top of my pumpkin flavors. Edys and Turkey Hill pumpkin are both wannabes.

Dubba Scoops said...

havent had trader joes, edy's is(was) terrible, but I walked by the Turkey Hill version last night and I have to say that the dark cinnamon graham cracker swirl is pretty awesome looking (hopefully it tastes as good as it looks)