Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beach Sundae Sunday
with Smuckers S'mores Magic Shell

Happy Sunday Sundae everyone! If you missed the last Sundae Sunday, let me just say that the idea is to just turn everything off and take a nice half hour or 45 minute break with the family. There's just so many distractions nowadays and ice cream is a nice way to get away from it all. My daughter loves setting up the dining room, I'll do the scooping, and in general it's a nice break (especially on a cool but sunny afternoon).

The guest of honor at today's Sundae Sunday is Smuckers S'mores Magic Shell which was originally released in 2009. Oh, and yes, those are Lego cops from the early 70s telling you to stop and take a break. We've also got mini marshmallows, sprinkles, whip cream, and some mini chocolate chips. (I forgot the mini Keebler cookies, little buggers are still fresh too).

My daughter wanted in on the lego action. 
She's been having fun reassembling all the castle legos today.

It wouldn't be beach sundaes without the beach!
(Hopefully you got one of these from Friendly's before they ran out)

My daughter wasn't in the mood to try the magic shell, but it still looks good!
(notice the marshmallows hiding in the lid)

SQUIRT! On goes the very liquidy magic shell.
Notice how it's pooling at the bottom.

Hopefully you can see how thick and hard the shell has become.

I had fairly low expectations for the shell after trying the cupcake magic shell and wasting the orange cream magic shell. However, it was pretty good. It was way thicker than I expected and it just felt really neat on top of my cold cold Breyers Neapolitan ice cream. The marshmallow and graham flavors were pretty well hidden, but there was that overall taste that this wasn't just some simple milk chocolate, it was more complex than that. So overall I'll give it a positive review. There's no harm in spending two bucks to try it out. The only real problem I had was the fact that it wound up solidifying to the bottom of my bowl.

oh, yeah, that was my shiny Ben & Jerry's ice cream scoop on the left side of the first photo there. I can't believe I've waited over two years to open the silly thing. Oh did it make today that much easier to scoop.

Mmmm, and sundae sunday is over and I must say my bowl of ice cream hit the spot, well, everything but the gummy marshmallows, I'll just never get into those in my ice cream.

Have a good week everyone.

Magic Shell Verdict?  Fun
Buy this brand Again?  Ya, I'll keep going

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