Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jon Donaire Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake Review

My wife spied a few new looking Jon Donaire cakes at Walmart, and rather than picking one or the other, she figured it best to bring them both home. Let's dig into the more unique Cake Batter one first.

40 oz of Creamy cake batter flavored ice cream and whipped topping on moist white cake with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate flavored swirl. I'm not a huge fan of cake batter flavors, but I'm thinking Jon Donaire won't let me down here.

So many sprinkles, but the color is still off.

Ok, that photo is more realistic. The cake batter flavored frosting is quite yellow.

Now let's check out a slice...

Wait, wrong slice

There's the right slice. It's funny how the chocolate swirl has the same coloring as the edge of the cake, so your brain starts messing with you and making you think it's actually a cake swirl and not a chocolate swirl.

Now I don't know what your favorite cake to ice cream ratio is, but it works pretty well here. Granted there's a bit of what seems to be icy grit mixing in here, so that might be adding to the overall cake vibe here. I really like the fact that the yellow frosting is what holds the cake flavor, so you can actually control how much batter flavor you get. The weird thing here is that while I enjoyed this cake while my daughter scraped her frosting off, but I think she's just having an off day. It's a nice cake with a nice flavor, no real complaints.

On Second Scoop: Hehehehehe, look at the giant clump of sprinkles! Too bad they are more dusty then crunchy, but the anticipation of eating them was fun none the less. Overall I still like this cake. They could have easily overdone it here but they kept things tame and reasonable. It's another pleasant cake from Jon Donaire (big surprise!).

Verdict?  A respectable ice cream cake
Buy Again?  It's possible

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Anonymous said...

really bad ice cream and no cake inside. The icecream cake is false advertising!! Its all icecream. And it sucks.