Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smucker's Orange Creme Magic Shell
or is that Gojo hand cleaner?

If only I could remember which is which....

Ok, that's either Smucker's Orange Creme Magic Shell or the very handy Gojo Natural Orange Pumice Hand cleaner poured on top of a blue marshmallow peep, a chips ahoy cookie, a pringle, and some fritos.

Oh, alright, it's the Smuckers.... more specifically, it's the liquidy part of the semi-condensed magic shell. The bottle has long since expired and become something entirely.... messy. The goopy part was stuck to the bottom of the container. I did enventually get some of solid stuff out - you can see the peep wearing it.

The orange creme flavor was new for 2011 and I felt obligated to pick some up and try it since it was only two bucks a bottle. Problem is (or was), that I never had an urge to try it. It just sat and sat and sat in the cabinet. I know some people love those chocolate oranges, but for me, I drink my OJ for breakfast and save my chocolate for... well, for after breakfast really.

So two bucks down the drain, but at least I had a little fun with it.

Oh, and if you must know, Gojo is actually white in color  :)


Laura said...

wow...that totally changes my memories of the magic shell (which may be beneficial for my diet!) :)

Anonymous said...

That is really unappetizing! Other than carrots it would be hard for me to eat orange food.