Friday, June 15, 2012

Win a Free Engraved Ice Cream Scoop!

Time for a history lesson:

We all know Zeroll, we just don't know we know Zeroll. See, in 1933, Sherman Kelly developed and patented the infamous Zeroll ice cream scoop. It's the one with the liquid in the handle that transfers the heat from your hand to the scoop to help keep it defrosted.

The company was officially started (in a Toledo, Ohio garage) in 1935. I had no idea that this non-mechanical scoop also creates a bigger looking scoop, meaning less ice cream in every scoop - something that saves scoop shoppes money. You can read more here.

So why the history lesson? Because the other day, Zeroll left a message on my facebook wall telling me about a little contest they are having. If you comment on this Zeroll wall post, you will be entered to win one of 5 personally engraved ice cream scoops. All you have to do is share a nice memory of your dad.

Right now you have a 1 in 2 chance of winning, so what do you have to lose?


Whitvia said...

I remember my dad buying me an ice cream cone after every doctors visit.

Santiago said...

One time I begged my dad to buy ice cream and he wouldn't until he got tired of my whining. Well it turned out that it was way too much ice cream and he forced me to eat it all even after I pleaded to stop. I ate to the point where I got sick right on top of him. It was quite the memory. hahaha

Ashley said...

I never knew my father but every summer I would spend a week up north with my grandfather. And the best memory I have is the day long fishing trips on the lake. He hated fishing. He knew I loved it... thats the best father figure I could ever ask for.