Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Epic Fail... or just Bad Luck?

So, somehow, my wires have gotten a little crossed and there's not a whole lot of ice cream in the freezer right now... worse yet, none of it is terribly exciting. Oh, sure I had high hopes, but then it all fell apart.

See, I decided to sit back and relax with a cute little pint of Breyers all natural cookies and cream ice cream last night. Just me, the pint, and a tv show or two. As I opened the container and grabbed a shot, I noticed that rather than being white, the ice cream kind of had this greyish tint to it. I looked close and saw what appeared to be a gazillion ice cream crystals mixed in. That can't be good.

I dug in and my suspicions were right. The ice cream was downright terrible.... ok, ok, it was still technically edible, but Breyer's is getting a note from me about this batch. It's like watered down ice cream. No matter how far I dug down, it was still a solid mix of ice and cream. I've never seen anything like it.

Just to make things worse, before I had some last night, I gave my daughter a small bowl for dessert with some crushed Christmas cookies on top (they were on sale, I couldn't resist!). She still enjoyed it, but I think it's because the abundant cookie bits distracted her.

Stay tuned, I still have to finish a review from last Friday!


johngettler said...

It's honestly not really Bryer's fault. Ice crystals in ice cream just means that it was allows to melt somewhere during shipping and stocking. If it sits long enough, then the whole thing melts, and there will be ice crystals throughout. Feel free to blame your grocery store or their supplier. :)

Dubba Scoops said...

Can't I blame them all?

But seriously, I understand, but at the same time, I can only think of one blog entry where the pint was this badly crystallized.