Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dubba's Ice Cream Hunting Guide
Six Flags New England Edition

Well, this was suppose to be a well documented hunting guide, but to be honest, the day wound up being more tiring then expected, so I don't have a ton of pictures to show for the amount of walking (and waiting!) we did.

Before I say anything else, let me comment : what is up with all the bees?!?! Six Flags really needs to work on bee control... what are they waiting for, a lawsuit?

Ok, should I start from the beginning? ...nah, why bother, what you really need to know is that right now if you buy 3 season passes, you get a fourth pass free, plus free parking. Why do I mention this at the end of the season? Because if you buy right now, you get the rest of 2011 free! Oh boy! Ok, the park is only open on weekends right now, and that's only through October, but I couldn't resist the deal.

Now I didn't really notice this two years ago,
but there is now A LOT of ice cream at SFNE.

Sure there is a Ben & Jerry's as you walk in, that's hard to miss,
but then there is bigger one down by the Bizarro ride.
You think that would be it right? NOPE!

What else do they have? Well, how about 2 Dippin Dots stands?
One by Bizarro and one by Batman

That's nothing right? well, how about a Johnny Rockets? Shakes and Burgers people!
It's located near the center of Six Flags (off to the right)

Here is where we stopped : Cold Stone LIMITED (shakes and sundaes)
Like it and Love it sizes, fairly typical prices

My wife enjoyed her Cake n' Shake just like she has had before. I knew my daughter wouldn't finish, so after she got about 2/3 of the way through her Cookies n' Cream shake, I drank the rest. WOW was it sweet and sugary!! The cookie wafer flavor should lead, chased by a sweet and creamy texture. This particular treat was borderline undrinkable because of how sweet the base was. She didn't complain, she's a kid, but it made me glad I didn't order one myself.

Day ain't over yet, and I'm still thirsty
Time to hit up the Brown Derby in the original kids' section

 I patiently waited in line with Mini Gary Busey for several minutes.
I purchased a poorly made wild cherry ICEE.
There was also gelati, italian ice, and softserve (and more bees)
Not really sure what was wrong with my ICEE, but something was...
at least it was cold. 

Unfortunately that is the end of my story, but the goal is to go back a few times next year once my son is old enough to enjoy more that the half dozen rides geared towards his age group. My daughter is tall enough to ride pretty much everything now, but some of the wait times were crazy. I have trouble waiting 45 minutes for a 2 minute ride. That's just not fun for me, no matter how much I want to go on a ride.

Before I go, I gotta say that yesterday seemed painfully slow. At a small, traveling carnival, the employees rush to get people on and then rush them off again because that's how they make money. At Six Flags, they've got your money as soon as you walk through the gates, so they just let everything drag on and on. I swear it felt like a literal five minute between ride cycles some times. It was painful at times yet there would be these lulls were rides were only half full. It was the strangest thing to watch.

Oh, if you have a thing about paying crazy amounts of money for ice cream, you have two other choices outside the park. There is a Twisty's softserve close by, and they have one of those 24 flavors of softserve machines. The other choice was actually a Sunoco station that had a "Giffords of Maine" placard on the side.

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