Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dairy Queen Heath Bar Blizzard Review

I wasn't sure what I was going to snack on today, but I knew I needed something.

Ahhh, Heath Bar blizzard, my old friend, how have you been? Geez, it's been like two years since we've seen each other. How the kids? how about that old track injury? ....ok, i'll stop.

As one of the oldest blizzards, I don't really need to actually review it, but I did have two funny realizations while I scarfed this thing down.

1) During all my early years of eating DQ, it never even dawned on me that there was a "blizzard of the month". Does anyone know when this tradition started? ...oh wait, I found it, 2003 (according to the new DQ of Barrie) Ok, so that proves I wasn't paying attention.

 2) I realized what makes the Heath Bar Blizzard special, it's the crunch! Think about it. The flavor is distinct, but what other blizzard has that solid yet easy crunch to it?

Alright Heath, see you in another few years. Stay frosty my friend.

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