Monday, September 26, 2011

Cold Stone Creamary MMMMMMMint Chip
Ice Cream Cake Review

Ok, I broke my posting streak, but I do have yet another Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cake for you. Remember how I said it's been awhile since I posted a cake? Well, that was inadvertently in reference to the fact that one of our summer cakes got lost in the basement freezer.

Our little MMMMMMMint Chip friend is lost no more, plus he looks pretty good for his age. He's made of layers of moist devil's food cake & mint ice cream with chocolate shavings, wrapped in creamy white frosting It looks small because this is the petite size, so it only serves about 3 (2 if you are hungry, 4 if you are full).

I took this picture a week ago and I already forget why it's so awful... I think I used a butter knife instead of a steak knife. Thankfully, you get the idea. It's the same standard formula as all of their other small cakes, but that's ok when the formula works because of competence and quality ingredients.

There's nothing shocking to say here. It's tasty, it's quality, and if you like mint, go for it.

Actually, here's a compliant. It's called mint chip, yet they use plain mint ice cream, so where do the chips come in?

Verdict?  well done as always
Buy Again?  I'd rather have one of the other flavors


Anonymous said...

You know, I really cannot wrap my brain around having an ICE CREAM CAKE get lost... the stuff barely lasts long enough to get soft around here LOL

All in all, a lovely review-- have you ever tried their lemon sorbet? I admit to being massively partial to three scoops of that, one scoop of vanilla in a glass with some lemon-lime soda.... mmmmMmmmm ;D

Dubba Scoops said...

You havent seen my freezer! hehehe.

and they have sorbet? who knew!

Anonymous said...

We need a freezer shot! Love the increased posting. I think the cake looks good, much better than the M&M one.