Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day with Friendly's SundaeXtreme Cookies 'n Cream Ripple

Woohoo! nothing like keeping my track record of announcing pointless national holidays at the end of said pointless national holiday. To celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day here on August 2nd, I now present to you: two very little ice cream sandwiches.

Now no where in the imaginary rules does it say anything about how you make your sandwich or what to make it with, so I present two frozen cake balls sliced up to make some wafers for my oreo ice cream sandwich. Don't they look so tiny and tasty? Well, don't be jealous, the cake was a bit too solid plus it was out of proportion to the ice cream. Oh well, I tried right? Have a good day (well, night at this point).

Now if you really must know, I used Friendly's SundaeXtreme Cookies 'n Cream Ripple in my sandwich. It's vanilla flavored frozen dairy dessert (oh joy) with crushed chocolate creme cookies and a fudge swirl.

As you can see, we've already dug into it quite a bit. Hey, frozen dairy desserts make for low guilt milkshakes (especially if you use 1% chocolate milk with it). I will admit that the big cookie swirl is neat looking, but overall, this is a typical frozen dairy dessert. I never really enjoy the overall texture, though it's not too gummy. It's got decent flavor and no aftertaste. These super low fat treats just never have that same clean taste as a full fat ice cream. So, it's not bad, and it could definitely be worse.

I don't know if you have noticed this, but it seems like companies are streamlining flavors. Rather than have a flavor in full, half, and low fat, they will pick just one. Like cookies n creme is low fat, cookie dough is medium fat, and then black raspberry would be full fat. Maybe it's just the way grocery stores are ordering, but I'm going to keep my eye on this trend.


Julien said...

Making a legitimate cookie dough into a low fat dessert would be a travesty!

Dubba Scoops said...

one travesty coming up:

Julien said...

My heart aches when I see such things.