Sunday, June 12, 2011

Schwan's Rainbow Confetti Ice Cream Cake

Ok, I'm back. I have been saving this cake to celebrate the start of my new job. That's right, I've moved on from the madhouse that was created when a giant red tape filled corporation bought an itty bitty whirlwind of chaos. I could tell you a million stories, but I'm guessing you'd rather talk about ice cream.

This is Schwan's item # 257, better known as their new Rainbow Confetti Ice Cream Cake. It's 24 oz of a blend of vanilla ice cream and fruit flavored dots decorated with whipped topping. Their marketing company was nice enough to send this free sample along with the Monkeying Around Banana Ice Cream.

Hmmmmm, well, it's definitely colorful. Overall I say it looks fairly standard except for the crazy colored dots everywhere. Yes, I know not everyone can get this cake, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate the potential rainbow of fruit flavor.....

Now I expected sparse yet decorative sprinkles throughout, yet as I'm trying to cut this slice, it feels like I'm going through a nice thick layer of crunchies like you would find on other ice cream cakes. To my surprise, I discovered that the dots are very plentiful and scattered thoroughly throughout the cake.

Since Schwan's was nice enough to send this over for free, I will start off with the good news. My daughter loved this flavor. Ofcourse, she loves cotton candy ice cream. The bad news? I couldn't finish the small piece I cut for myself. My wife was a trooper and soldiered on through her piece, but she's already commented she won't have another (nor will I).

My two big problems are that I don't like the taste and that I don't like the texture. So other than thinking it's a neat looking cake, this treat has nothing going for it except that the kids might like it.

Here is the source of my problems. I expected sprinkles, but these are really super sweet balls of frozen liquid sugar. My wife said they remind her of Skittles, and she's right, except I enjoy eating skittles whereas I vow to never eat these again. Not only is the flavor way too potent, but the frozen liquid texture wrecks the entire cake. There are so many of these that you can barely taste (or get the texture of) the base ice cream.

So, save yourself twelve bucks and avoid this ice cream travesty.... Wow, this thing has 23 reviews on Schwan's website with an average rating of 1 star. I'm pretty sure this will be a very short lived product. I guess the ironic thing is that Schwan's makes a confetti cake ice cream that has 179 reviews with an average of 5 stars, what a difference!!

Verdict?  Horrendous
Buy Again?  NEVER

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Lot-O-Choc said...

Urgh the ice balls look nasty, I agree sprinkles probably would have been wayy better!