Monday, May 23, 2011

Lindy's Watermelon Italian Ice Review

Ok, I promise either a Breyers or Blue Bunny review tomorrow, but considering I finished off Peanut Butter World for lunch, I've only got caloric room for some nice Italian ice.

So I picked up a pack of Lindy's watermelon Italian ice awhile ago. My daughter went through them pretty quick but I managed to hide one in the back of the freezer where I then forgot about it (I know, shocking). Hmmm, these reviews always go by so quick, maybe we can have a little fun with it.

No no, that's not even remotely fun

Ahhh, now that's fun!

With watermelon man proudly standing by this treat, it's time for the taste test. Hmmm, certainly smells good. It's definitely a watermelon smell, but at the same time, I think it reminds me of strawberry whip cream.

Ooooo, that's.... interesting. Definitely not what I was expecting. That robust smell is actually closely related to a strong and unique frozen watermelon taste. Rather than tasting horribly fake, it feels more real than not. Maybe it's the gritty nature of Italian ice that is reminding me of that gritty texture of watermelon. Color me impressed as Lindy's pull off another interesting flavor.

Watermelon isn't something I crave daily, but I see why my daughter polished these off. Sure, they are definitely sweet, but these would be a huge hit with the kids at a summer party. Granted, the other parents will kill you for the ensuing mess on their child's clothing, but they will have their vengeance at their next party, so all is well.

Verdict? another win for Lindy's
Buy Again? at some point


Lot-O-Choc said...

ooh yum italian ice :) i bet watermelon was so refreshing as well.

Unknown said...

Lindy's "Watermelon" Italian ice is THOROUGHLY DISGUSTING. The intial tatse is highly strange. It does taste like Watermelon.. but.. also has a very horrible tasting chemical-like taste. Very dissappointed. Stay away from this garbage.

Anonymous said...

Lindy's is by FAR the best Italian Ice. They nailed it with their watermelon flavor too. Every other producer seems to struggle with adding the right amount of syrup, but Lindy's has the perfect consistency, which, personally, is what makes it so great. I'm not one to go onto public forums and post about Italian Ice by any means. But I just discovered this brand last week and have been too impressed not to. Thanks, Lindy's!

BillC said...

Exactly. Disgusting. Very strange after taste.