Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trying a DQ salad...
and why you shouldn't eat it in your car

So like I said yesterday, I am super psyched that we have a DQ near work. Now I try to bring leftovers for lunch to save a few bucks here and there, but on occasion I do need to go out and pick something up. Now since I've already tried the midnight blizzard yesterday, I really should try to be a little healthier today and get something else.

This is the grilled chicken version of the DQ salad, but it is also available in a crispy chicken version. They've seperated all the toppings out with cheese (top right), purple cabbage (bottom right), carrots (bottom middle), tomatoes (bottom left), and to mix it up fresh bacon bits instead of croutons (top left). I was tempted to eat it this way, but that didn't seem fair.

I put the lid back on and shook it up. This wasn't my best plan as now all the toppings are now bottomings... wait, that's not a word. Live and learn. Time to start working through all this iceberg lettuce. Everything was going fairly well until....

Yeah, that's right, I tilted the bowl to get a better angle on it, slipped, and flung salad bits all over the front of my car and all over me. I spent longer picking this thing up then I did eating it. Man I'm a clutz sometimes.

Upside: the salad had a nice fresh vibe for just $4.99

Downside: I was pretty bored of the iceberg lettuce by the end

So, decent job here, no major compliants. Let's do a quick health check: 330 calories, not bad, but 140 calories from fat? It must have been the bacon bits, good thing I spilled half of them! There's also a fair amount of cholesterol (30%) and sodium (41%), but 35g of protein, that's cool. Even has lots of A, C, and calcium.


Anonymous said...

Just had to comment that the purple veg. on the bottom right is purple cabbage, not onions.

Dubba Scoops said...

thanks man, I should have looked it up before posting!