Friday, December 10, 2010

State of the Freezer?
Empty, yet still in Total Chaos

Greetings from my reclining chair... in the middle of the afternoon! "Lucky" for me I am home today. UNLUCKY for me it's a sick day. I've already been watching tv for six hours which is pretty much something I only get to do on sick days. Sure I could probably sneak in a TV day now and then, but after about two hours I think about everything that needs to get done and I wander off. So, I feel I should take a typing break, and since I can't seem to spit out the state of the freezer address, well, what better time to do it then when I'm stuck in somewhat comfortable chair. (and yes, the tv is off, otherwise I'll watch yet another movie --- Pitch Black is on AMC at the moment).

So why am I having trouble with the state of the freezer? Or the better question is, why am I having so much trouble blogging right now. Well, I don't know what happened exactly. Well life happened really. Life has gotten pretty hectic nowadays but I was trying to keep it from damaging my blogging. See, this blog was always meant to be a hobby. I needed something new to do some two and a half years ago and I decided to try this whole blogging thing. Now I was stumbling a bit when I got several ideas of how to make the blog better, but rather than sorting them all out, they all just kind of crashed into each other and blocked the roadway of progression here for me. That's when I let open the previous poll question.

Selfish Poll Question..........
Why WONT you come back to the blog? 59 total votes

bad opinions : 4 (6%)

bad writing : 12 (20%)

limited topic : 19 (32%)

reviews not robust : 12 (20%)

need 2nd opinion : 7 (11%)

i hate ice cream : 5 (8%)

I expected the "bad writing" and "reviews not robust" from anyone who landed on an older review. "I hate ice cream" was meant to be a joke ofcourse. I even expected some votes for "bad opinions" (though I appreciate this only getting four votes). I guess what "shocked" me most was the limited topic coming in as the biggest response. I understand my topics are limited, and I know I've been slacking with toppings and extras, but it was poignant none the less. I know the blog is limited, but iunno, the poll just made me realize how much i've been slacking on keeping the blog diverse.

No one ever said generating traffic is easy. The problem is it's keywords like "Ben & Jerry's" that bring people in, but it's the diversity (like my awful ice cream making ability) that spices things up. You know, I do tend to try new products from time to time, but when I do, I just cant seem to get them posted. Sure I got the Snyder's chocolate covered pretzels up, but then I tried the Trader Joe's dark chocolate version and I never mentioned those (they were fattier, saltier, and kept giving me heartburn). Sorry, it's not like you can free up my schedule for me.

So for now, you may notice a slower pace to posting, 2-3 a week instead of 4-5. I really need to step back and analyze my current tastes. I'm definitely worried that I've become spoiled. This blog has encouraged a crazy eating pattern -- one that has caught up with me ever since my trip to Ben & Jerry's.

Ok, my mind is wandering off and the tv is back on...   hmmm, i should do something productive, well, as productive as one can be at the moment. So what does everyone think about setting up a facebook account for the site? Would that make it a little easier to interact? I tried messing with twitter but I will admit that I've been slacking on that too.

Alright, I'm off. Hopefully we can  do the Edy's Holiday Extravaganza this weekend (that's three holiday limited flavors plus some coupons to share with everyone). Stay Tuned!

DOH!!! I forgot to actually talk about the freezer. Well, I've tossed a bunch of stuff out that had expired. It's weird to see the deep freezer so clean. In fact I'm actually tempted to shut it down and save a few bucks on electricity. I also tossed my "snack box". Iunno, it was empty, over two years old, and it seemed like a good time to do it. To reiterate, I'm going to try to keep things a little simpler here. I buy an ice cream, I finish it, and then I move on. No more half dozen pints in the freezer. No 3-4 "half gallons" in the freezer. So, a little more calculating, a bit more focused and a lot less wasteful..


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but would value seeing more 'healthy' products reviewed (as healthy as ice cream can be). I mean, personally - I don't even consider Ben and Jerry's! :0) Either way, I appreciate you!

jperonto said...

A facebook account sounds great!

Dubba Scoops said...

yeah, I definitely have wandered a bit too far into high fat territory. I'll definitely be trying to balance things out as I try to get a jump start on a healthy new year (it would be easier if things like Yovation and Hola Fruta sherbet were in my area)

Jiffyinthegreenvest said...

I enjoy your reviews, even if the products are ones that I would never eat. I'll second the request for healthier item reviews if you could work them in. My favourite reviews of yours are the out of the freezer reviews. I mean, when you hit up DQ or even Sonic and review their treats as opposed to digging into the freezer section.

Anyhow, thanks for a great blog. Hopefully you'll be re-inspired and continue posting.

zombieman said...

the "i hate ice cream" and "limited topic" voters make me laugh. perhaps they should head on over to imdb and proclaim their hatred for movies.

ice cream and healthy don't belong in the same sentence. we go to ice cream to appreciate how hard our taste buds work for us and to store up energy in case of a zombie apocalypse. i thought this was common knowledge.

and your state of the freezer blog is lacking without a photo to illustrate the state of your freezer. for shame...

Dubba Scoops said...

HAHAHA, I hadn't thought about the voting way zombieman! and sorry about the pic, but see, I said there was chaos!