Sunday, November 7, 2010

Klondike's Mrs. Field's Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Hey, I'm not going to waste a ton of time on this because these treats haven't really changed from their previous version. First, here's the box.

Klondike Mrs. Fields Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
vanilla flavored light ice cream between two mrs. fields chocolate chip cookies

And here's the sandwich!

I said awhile ago that I assumed these were the same as before, and having tasted one, I don't really know the difference, but I know I still like them. Now the funny thing is that I went to snag a picture of these a week or two ago, but the box was empty. So I bought another box...  or are we on the third box now? I don't really know, but we've all been enjoying them.

In my book, 8g fat / 4g sat fat is good enough to justify having one of these before bed. Well, that is as long as I can resist eating a second one, which I have been able to do. It's not hugely filling, but the size is good enough. Sure an excellent Blue Bunny Chips Galore is better and more filling, but it's also got twice the fat even though it's only a half fluid ounce bigger. Note, if you want to go real healthy, go with Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream Sandwich.

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